The rise of citizen journalism

Adapt or die? It's too late for the daily newspapers. Your government sanctioned monopolies have raked in profits for owners, publishers, top editors, advertising executives and a few star reporters for more than 100 years. There was no reason to innovate. It really was like printing money.


2 thoughts on “The rise of citizen journalism

  1. Today, the media has the objective to “keep you” to “hold you” while telling “what you want to know” in between officially paid advertising messages. Under these terms, journalism has failed us; sensationalism is now mixing with “filtered and scripted” news advising consumers (viewers) in less than a minute that something important is coming up… later. Not now. So we are left waiting with more advertising.
    While in print, sensationalism is still very much played in the 2-line headline that must grad the attention (and also guess syntax and grammar). And if you attempt the reading of what published you are in for another surprise: “where is the beef?” -a memorable commercial suggested. Indeed… there is no beef whatsoever or you already knew what published.
    But these..most of the time useless information, is delivered with pretentious and pompous style that screams “we are the only one telling you, the only source!”
    Now, why is advertising slowly but surely leaving the mass media?
    Credibility. We have registered -and still do- more credibility in the advertising messages and far less credibility in the “information-news” source and contents combined.

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