One Small Win for a Blog — One Giant Leap for Citizen Journalists

Apple tried to stop the ethical flow of free speech. What a strange move on the part of their in-house law department. The California courts just issued a ground-breaking ruling in favor of citizen journalists.  

As the judge wrote, the shield law "is intended to protect the gathering and dissemination of news, and that is what petitioners did here." 

Welcome to the dawn of Web 2.0. The ivory towers of the elite “fourth estate” have fallen. The self-anointed high society of newspaper journalists has been bypassed by honest citizen reporters on blogs without big advertisers to protect or powerful special interest groups to support. Ever wonder why the Merc News or San Francisco Chron never did reporting on Apple like the blogs did? It’s the same reason they don’t investigate the real estate collapse in Northern California, they wait for the Realtor (cap R) lobby to issue press releases that hide the record level of unsold inventory and huge increase in days homes are on the market. Ever wonder why newspapers don’t report on the local garage rip-offs; the speed traps in many of the surrounding suburbs? Are there reports on how many reporters are alcoholics? How about reports on their journalists’ education and earned degrees? Nada.


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