Will the low-level blogosphere/online world ever catch newspapers?

UK Net Advertising to "Overtake Newspapers by End of 2006"

The Guardian Unlimited reports that in the UK the Internet will overtake national newspapers in the battle for advertising spending.

When will this be? Five year's time, or 10? No — this could happen by the end of 2006.

GroupM, a UK company that accounts for about 30 percent of global media buying, says in a yet-to-be-published report that the Internet will comprise 13.3 percent of the £12.2 billion UK advertising market this year, overtaking national newspapers with a share of 13.2 percent.

Dan Milmo, the Guardian's media business editor, said that the speed at which advertisers have shifted spending to the Web has surprised many. It was only six years ago that the Web was an upstart medium controlling only one percent of the British advertising market. Since then, growth in broadband usage and declining newspaper circulation appear to have justified the hype around the online medium.


4 thoughts on “Will the low-level blogosphere/online world ever catch newspapers?

  1. Great Wahini, I think they were still laughing at the upstart medium, while drinking large quantities of ale and watch soccer teams tie nil-nil.

  2. Online ads will make up 6.5% of papers’ total ’06 ad revenue
    New York Times
    That’s newspaper analyst John Morton’s prediction. That figure is up from 5% in 2005. The Newspaper Association of America reports newspaper print ad spending in the first three months of 2006 increased only 0.3%, to $10.5 billion, over the corresponding period last year. At the same time, spending for online advertising surged 35%.

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