Mark Cuban Invests In New Citizen Journalism Site

Follow the smart money. Mark Cuban, the high-tech boy wonder, is the sole investor in, a new citizen journalism venture founded by business reporter Christopher Carey, formerly with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, that will start to go live in July. Cuban's involvement was included in the internal announcement that Carey is leaving the Post-Dispatch to work on Sharesleuth, which will focus on stock fraud and executive malfeasance on the national and international level. Carey will run the site at first with stringers and input from a broad network of non-journalists who have an interest in the subject. He told me the investment grew out of an e-mail correspondence that started when he read Cuban's blog and sent him some information. Carey, who was a finalist for the Gerald Loeb Awards for a series on global stock fraud, spent this past year as a Knight Wallace fellow at the University of Michigan looking at "criminal subculture in the U.S. Securities Industry" and will return to Ann Arbor to run the site. — 


4 thoughts on “Mark Cuban Invests In New Citizen Journalism Site

  1. Yes, they wait for the biggest payouts. The Democrat gang is for Big Brother and unions, so they would side with keeping the power in the hands of the few massive “pipeline” companies — Time-Warner and AT&T. Giant smokesatck companies that empoloy thousands of union workers and their dues along with major donations from the companies’ lobbys may smother the growth of Web enterpirses and the free market.

  2. Now I wouldn’t go so far as calling Cuban a “boy wonder,” he did sign Raef Lafrentz. But seriously folks, even the best journalism needs a following and the more that sites like this one (and as I mentioned on my site: and The Smoking Gun) pique the nations interest the more that brick and morter papers are set up to report these stories a day late. On a smaller scale, Wonkette busting Prez Bush for the “shades” slip up for instance, it happens on a daily basis and I don’t see it stopping anytime soon.

    Dig the site by the way.

  3. I am impressed to read such a powerful story about Mark Cuban Invests In New Citizen Journalism Site | The end of elite liberal media empires and rise of citizen journalism. I will post a link on my coupon site to this blog post. I will be back to read more.

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