Pay $70,000 for a full-page ad in the New York Times?

By Greg Michael

The days when the could charge $70,000 for a full-page ad in the main news section and $8,000 each for the “premium”  spots Tiffany, Cole-Haan,  Ralph Lauren, and Wedgwood’s Maddison Avenue ad agencies buy;ads stacked on top of each other on  page  two and three for a 12 inch ad compared with the real reach of Google, Yahoo, E-Bay, , AOL  and, Many newspapers, such as the New York Times are managed by sheltered family members and a few editors. They have been looking down their collective noses at the IT, Web world  for over a decade now.

The smug club doesn’t realize that their business model consists essentially of a monopoly in a major market. In the case of the Times, a monopoly of reaching the upper demographics. Then put out a paper by wrapping stack after stack of expensive ads with wire copy and a sprinkling of local news, celebrity updates and leaked stories from unnamed sources. That’s considered enterprise, when they take a leaked story from a an anonymous, bitter government insider and publish it to embarrass a Republican administration.

BTW – I believe that PaidContent, in regard to compiling the cutting edge media, is far more useful than the Business Section of the New York Times or the rest of the top 10 major newspapers and even the trade magazines.


3 thoughts on “Pay $70,000 for a full-page ad in the New York Times?

  1. Alan, What does freedom mean to you? To have a powerful “leader” who will take away the private property of your country’s middle class and anyone else your leaders call rancid?

    Is that freedom? Or is it class warfare and greed? I believe freedom is built on free enterprise and the freedoms to earn an education and improved income by creating your own unique expertise or business. Buying and improving property and building a future for your family.

    Government has nothing to do with any of that.

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