Whispered tales of Gore

 By Mick Gregory—

The media tends to go for the hipster, cool, dumbed-down route to please their audience. In the U.S. the press gives a pass to Democrats while attacking Bush and the UK’s . In fact, don’t you see a bit of a let down by the media in that the Islamic terrrorists bomb plot was stopped by Scotland Yard and U.S. Homeland Security?

Now let’s look at one of their favorite sons, and his new gig, fighting global warming.

My other vehicle is a jet. My other home is a former handed down to me. My trust fund is Occidental Oil gifted to me.

Mr. Gore, a drop out from divinity school has been propped up by the media, especially the New York Times, as being far more intellectual than George W. Bush, who had much better grades than Al Gore and earned an MBA in Business/Economics from Harvard. Now let’s get down to more media coverups.

Gore tells consumers how to change their lives to curb their carbon-gobbling ways: Switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs, use a clothesline, drive a hybrid, use renewable energy, dramatically cut back on consumption. Better still, responsible global citizens can follow Gore’s example, because, as he readily points out in his speeches, he lives a “carbon-neutral lifestyle.” But if Al Gore is the world’s role model for ecology, the planet is doomed.

For someone who says the sky is falling, he does very little. He says he recycles and drives a hybrid. And he claims he uses renewable energy credits to offset the pollution he produces when using a private jet to promote his film. (In reality, Paramount Classics, the film’s distributor, pays this.)

Public records reveal that as Gore lectures Americans on excessive consumption, he and his wife Tipper live in two properties: a 10,000-square-foot, 20-room, eight-bathroom home in Nashville, and a 4,000-square-foot home in Arlington, Va. (He also has a third home in Carthage, Tenn.) For someone rallying the planet to pursue a path of extreme personal sacrifice, Gore requires little from himself.

Then there is the troubling matter of his energy use. In the Washington, D.C., area, utility companies offer wind energy as an to traditional energy. In Nashville, similar programs exist. Utility customers must simply pay a few extra pennies per kilowatt hour, and they can continue living their carbon-neutral lifestyles knowing that they are supporting wind energy. Plenty of businesses and institutions have signed up. Even the Bush administration is using green energy for some federal office buildings, as are thousands of area residents.

According to public records, there is no indication that Gore has signed up to use green energy in either of his large residences.

Peter Schweizer, author of Do As I Say (Not As I Do): Profiles in Liberal Hypocrisy has outlined some of Gore’s lies.

When contacted last week, Gore’s office confirmed as much but said the Gores were looking into making the switch at both homes. Talk about inconvenient truths. Gore is not alone. Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean has said, “Global warming is happening, and it threatens our very existence.” The DNC website applauds the fact that Gore has “tried to move people to act.” Yet, Gore’s persuasive powers have failed to convince his own party: The DNC has not signed up to pay an additional two pennies a kilowatt hour to go Green. For that matter, neither has the Republican National Committee. Maybe our very existence isn’t threatened.

Gore has held these apocalyptic views about the environment for some time. So why, then, didn’t Gore dump his family’s large stock holdings in Occidental (Oxy) Petroleum? As executor of his family’s trust, over the years Gore has controlled hundreds of thousands of dollars in Oxy stock. Oxy has been mired in controversy over oil drilling in ecologically sensitive areas. Living carbon-neutral apparently doesn’t mean living oil-stock free. Nor does it necessarily mean giving up a mining royalty either.

A mine is a terrible thing to waste!

Humanity might be “sitting on a ticking time bomb,” but Gore’s home in Carthage is sitting on a zinc mine. Gore receives $20,000 a year in royalties from Pasminco Zinc, which operates a zinc concession on his property. Tennessee has cited the company for adding large quantities of barium, iron and zinc to the nearbyCaney Fork River. If Gore genuinely believes the apocalyptic vision he has put forth and calls for radical changes in the way other people live, why hasn’t he made any radical change in his life? Giving up the zinc mine or one of his homes is not asking much, given that he wants the rest of us to radically change our lives; ride bicycles to work; wear sweaters and turn down the thermostat… If you must buy gas, buy it from a communist dictator. Am I joking? No. Progressive,  Green and groups are encouraging U.S. consumers to ‘BUYcott’ Citgo, in order to (as they put it) help fuel a democratic revolution in Venezuela. This campaign for pro-Chavez, Citgo is acutally promoted on the New York Times’ About.com.

2 thoughts on “Whispered tales of Gore

  1. The Sun Apologizes for ‘Errors’ in Prince Harry Story

    The Sun has today published an apology for wrongly dating and locating the story it ran yesterday showing photographs of Prince Harry groping a girl’s breast. News International’s flagship daily tabloid also apologized to the girl in question, Natalie Pinkham, for publishing the pictures, which belonged to her, without her permission. The apology, on page six of today’s Sun, reads: “We accept that the nightclub was the Purple Nightclub and not Boujis as we said and the photographs were taken in autumn 2003 and not summer 2006. We apologize for the error.”

    (Hee, hee, haw, haw, the journalists laugh about their fun. They were able to stir the pot and sell some papers to the public and get some world-wide publicity for their rag.

  2. Update — Gore should be more general in his “warming” diatribes. Global warming could be causing some glaciers to grow, a new study claims posted by the BBC on their newly imporved Web site. Researchers at Newcastle University looked at temperature trends in the western Himalaya over the past century.

    They found warmer winters and cooler summers, combined with more snow and rainfall, could be causing some mountain glaciers to increase in size.

    Almost to the day a Russian study shows global cooling. “Oh, oh,” Al Gore says to his inner circle.” “… I hope these reports stay burried by the mainstream media so that I can run for president next year. “

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