JonBenet wasn’t the only victim of this media circus

“I did not kill . I loved that child with my whole heart and soul,” Mrs. said in one of the first press conferences held after her daughter’s murder. She continued to say essentially the same thing for the rest of her life, she died of cancer last June. 

It didn’t matter to the newspaper “journalists” who helped feed the tabloids and cable news headline and crime shows with the sensational story. Now it’s been 10 years, and the media stoked public perception is that the wealthy parents did it.

Some details: Boulder is a lot like the sister city of Berkeley, Calif. Both are liberal university towns. So the Boulder police are “smarter” than your average police. The rich parents were immediately under the umbrella of suspicion. They may have even been Republicans! Did Mr. Ramsey’s computer company work with Halliburton?    

Michael Tracey, a University of Colorado journalism professor, had communicated with Mark Karr (the former 2nd grade school teacher) by e-mail, the has reported. Tracey produced documentaries on JonBenet’s murder. Karr and Tracey exchanged dozens of e-mails, the Rocky reported, and that helped lead police to Karr, who was arrested Wednesday in Bangkok, shopping for sex on holiday.

“Tracey was instrumental in this investigation,” Susan Stine, a friend of the Ramseys told reporters. “He was instrumental in flushing this person out in the sense of getting him to talk,” she added, also saying the e-mails, “helped develop the case. I do believe he has the right to be presumed innocent,” Tracy told the Rocky reporters.  “I got involved in this, for 10 years, because I believe that right was never extended to the Ramseys, and that was wrong. We’ll see how this thing unfolds. Previously, the media leaks about the evidence and absurd theories as to how JonBenet died helped convince the public that the parents did it.”

“Was it ethical for a journalist or journalism professor  to share private e-mails?  Was the principle of finding a killer more important than the privacy of a journalist’s notes and communications?”  

This is a question being asked by journalists today. Some of the same “holier than thou” group who ruined JonBenet’s parents with sloppy reporting, hand fed to them by the town’s police department.  Now we find out there was a broken window to the Ramsey basement. What else was held up by the Boulder police in order to frame the “rich” Ramsey family?  This sad case will play out without any mention in the major media of the arrogance of the journalism “profession.” It’s not unlike the Catholic Church in the Middle Ages. ‘You must have the bishop’s blessing!’

But it is a new Web age, so blogs and e-mails have taken the role of finding and communicating the truth. JonBenett Ramsey may become a Wikipedia entry that includes how the mainstream media helped judge and convict her parents in the court of public opinion, with some “journalists” arguing that it was unethical for the journalism professor to share his private e-mails from Mark Karr with the police or media. The Web 2.0, new media must put that fact in the story.   

10 thoughts on “JonBenet wasn’t the only victim of this media circus

  1. Cnybud,
    I was convinced too. But what a lesson we learned. I never heard about the broken window to the basement until today. The media is very good at building up a story to get the rich, famous, religious, conservative… It’s a pretty long list.

  2. Not sure what’s shorter – the memory or attention span of your typical AM hate-jock seriously takin cancervative bobble-head imbecile. Anybody remember this?

    Parents of slain beauty pageant star sue

    December 27 2003 at 09:27AM

    Atlanta – The parents of murdered child beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey have filed a lawsuit against the Fox News Network seeking $16-million (R112-million) in damages for a 2002 broadcast they say defamed them, their lawyer said.

    In the suit, the Ramseys objected to a report aired last year by the News Corp-owned cable news channel around the sixth anniversary of the murder of six-year-old JonBenet in Boulder, Colorado.

    The suit charges that a Fox reporter’s statement saying “there has never been any evidence to link an intruder to JonBenet’s brutal murder” was false and defamed the Ramseys. “The gist of the statements uttered in the Ramsey segment is that in all probability, one or more of the Ramseys murdered JonBenet,” the suit says.

    You can delete the post now, as is typical when cancervatives have their noses rubbed in reality, like a dog’s nose rubbed in its own mess. Sorry for the interruption, you can now go back to your bizarro-world cancervative idiot alternate universe.


  3. Bios, are you a socialists? The Boulder DA fired the police working on the case several years ago. And the fact that there was a broken and open window to the basement just came out this week. So, your statement confirms that Fox and all the other media was fed false information until recently. You really live in a strange world with blinders on. Tell us more about your interesting world, please.

  4. Bios, are you a socialists?
    – Nice cliche there, cancervative cretin. Is this all your two cancervative synapses are capable of? This and – let me guess, parroting GOP catch phrases like “fight them there so we don’t fight them here”(c) or “culture of life”(c) and assorted other GOP bushit.

    Hows that war in Iraq goin? Not s’hot it seems. Did Bush find those wmds we went towar over? Because he had as good a chance finding them under his podium in that infamous (idiotic and disgusting) little “joke” of his as he does finding them in Iraq.

    The gist of this stupid little piece was… see? the “mainstream media”(c) – that is liberal media was wrong, followed by comments like “…to “get” the rich, famous, religious, conservative, blah, blah, blah… (Oh, whoa is me… persecution complex if ever there was one…)

    So I thought a little reminder was in order for the bizarro-world cancervative idiots reading this pathetic little blog, that the Ramseys sued “FOX” for $12 million for defamation. FOX – as in Murdock’s sad cancervative propaganda outlet.

    Not “CBS”, not “NBC”, not “VAICOM”… but FOX…

    I know how reality is troubling for cancervative idiots, so I expected an immediate swift-boating. I also know that logical arguments are something that challenges cancervatives, who only react to appeals to emotion or bushit…

    You may carry on. I’m done with this pathetic waste of server space.

  5. Boris,

    Please focus. Up your dose of medication. The fact that the Ramsey’s basement window was broke and open just came out last week! Fox News was questioning why that was withheld by the Boulder Police Dept. Maybe you should watch Fox News.

  6. Are journalists really questioning the “ethics” regarding Tracy’s decision to share private emails?? That doesn’t seem right. Did Tracy ever tell Karr that their correspondence would be kept private and was strictly off the record? If Tracy wasn’t misleading about the nature of their relationship, then I don’t think he breached any ethical boundaries.

  7. Yes, noted journalists were questioning the “ethics” of Tracy, the J-proff turning in the “confessional” e-mails from Mark Kar. I saw the remark in the newspaper industry trade magazine, Editor & Publisher. It shows me how arrogant that some journalist are and that they believe they are some type of priesthood, yet they are among the most unethical occupations acording to surveys and a broad range of examples. Time Magazine just did a puff piece on Hillary Clinton and they didn’t even have the balance to print her opponent’s name in the article, plus, that was the tenth cover for Hillary. Do you think that was balanced and ethical?

  8. As a person who lives in Hillarys state I must say that she has suprised me so far with what she will do to help NY out. That aside, it looks as though the case is still open. Yikes.

  9. Looks Michael is doing well so far having Parkinson. When I first heard he had the disease, I thought he’d be dead in a few years. Glad to hear he still kicking and making a difference in the world.

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