Did you read this news item in The New York Times or San Francisco Chronicle?

By Greg Michael —  Now we find on the blogs that , the 41-year-old schoolteacher who admitted to the media when he was picked up in Thailand last week that he was with   when she died on Christmas Day in 1996. He was actually arrested in Northern California five years ago after telling an acquaintance that he broke into the Ramsey’s house the night of the slaying. A Northern California woman exchanged e-mails and recorded phone conversations with John Mark Karr in which he talked about JonBenet Ramsey’s 1996 slaying and the 1993 murder of Polly Klaas. Wendy Hutchens told police about her 2001 conversations with Karr weeks before the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office arrested him on five misdemeanor child pornography charges. At the same time she told The Press Democrat of Santa Rosa (a New York Times subsidiary). The paper is now reporting details in its online edition.

She says Karr told her that he met JonBenet at her family’s Christmas party, then sneaked back into the house that night through a basement storm window. So why did that shocking news stay hidden for five years?

Mrs. Hutchens said she alerted the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department (the same unit involved in investigating the Polly Klaas rape and murder) and recorded her conversations with Karr as evidence. The sheriff’s deputies later searched Karr’s Petaluma home and found enough evidence to charge Karr with five counts of child-pornography possession. He served six months in jail before leaving the United States.

It takes citizen journalists like Wendy Hutchens with the ethics to report what the New York Times never bothered to report or worse, covered up. A tip of the hat to the DrudgeReport for pointing to this information.

2 thoughts on “Did you read this news item in The New York Times or San Francisco Chronicle?

  1. Read the SF Chronicle on 8/19/2006. What makes Ms. Hutchens a “citizen journalist?” If this was so upsetting to her, and she thought the police didn’t do enough, she could have gone public 5 YEARS AGO, instead of waiting to create her 5 minutes of fame.

  2. You may be right, but I think that Ms. Hutchens told the little Santa Rosa Press Democrat at the time and a San Francisco radio station. That WAS going public. It’s actually blogs and citizen jouinralists who are spreading the news. The Drudge Report had this story several days ago. Did The Chronicle report that? They can barely clean up their AP, NYT, and WP wire copy, let alone do any enterprise reporting. They will try to ride the Balco story for a while longer, until the Justice Department gets to the bottom of the grand jury leaks. Are there any editors or reporters that are body builders that may know from their own Balco experiences? The public would like to get the whole truth. Barry Bonds deserves to know where the smear campaign is originating.

    The media elite will be having a sad weekend up and down Route One in California.  

    This just in – The LA Times reports that The Santa Barbara News-Press has filed a legal action demanding $500,000 in damages from former editor Jerry Roberts. The paper, newly purchased by Wendy McCaw for some $100 million accuses Roberts of breach of contract and causing damage to the News-Press. This may have serious merit, Roberts wasn’t just a low-level reporter, he was executive editor.
    Roberts was also not happy with Hearst’s management changes at The San Francisco Chronicle, he clashed with Phil Bronstein, the “golden boy” of William Randolph Hearst III. Maybe McCaw can recoup a little of Robert’s inflated salary. What exactly did he do for the News-Press? Can anyone say?

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