As Danny Ortega goes, so does America’s Democrats?

Daniel Ortega, the Castro wannabe who never won a fair election, is back in Nicaragua acting as if he found religion to attract conservative voters, and with a split ticket of populist candidates, Ortega is leading in early counting with about 35 percent of the vote. Hugo Chavez offered low cost gas to the Sandanista areas to help Ortega, just as he did with discounted heating oil in Democrat areas to help elect Democrats in America.

The strategy is being used by Marxists and Democrats, they must be using the same playbook. A good example of the split ticket strategy is in Texas where there are behind the scenes funding of “independents” to split off votes from Republican Perry with all the liberal Democrats voting in lockstep for Democrat Bell, who like Ortega, has lost 10 elections in a row.

But the people who vote in midterm elections are the middleclass who pay the most taxes have families, drive the economy and believe in positive future for America.

Today I can tell you that Shelly Sekula-Gibbs will win the write-in candidate house seat in Houston vacated by Tom Delay. Arnold will win in California and Brian Bilbray will win the San Diego seat vacated by Randy Duke Conningham for accepting bribes. Meanwhile what’s going on with the Democrat William Jefferson from Louisiana who was caught with hundreds of thousands in bribes in his freezer? He’s keeping his seat.

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