By Mistake We Didn’t Run Kerry’s Insult to Troops

Letter from an editor to his readers who are cancelling subscriptions today as they vote the straight Republican ticket.

We – and we alone – dropped the ball on the Kerry story

In Wednesday’s edition of North Carolina’s Star-News, we inadvertently omitted an important story (wrote the editor).

But don’t blame The New York Times.

Response to Sen. John Kerry‘s comments about our troops in Iraq set off a firestorm of controversy Tuesday. The story picked up steam throughout the evening as news talk show hosts and political pundits took him to task for saying this:

“You know, education – if you make the most of it, you study hard, you do your homework and you make an effort to be smart, you can do well. If you don’t, you get stuck in Iraq.”

Many of you noticed coverage of the story wasn’t in this newspaper. And you let us have it – via phone calls and e-mails – with appropriate and justified agitation.

I apologize for that. We shouldn’t have missed it.

Yeah, right. That’s the kind of lie today’s sophisticated readers won’t accept anymore. Not with 24/7 coverage by bloggers who don’t get their paychecks from the New York Times and the elite, liberal crowd.

51 thoughts on “By Mistake We Didn’t Run Kerry’s Insult to Troops

  1. This is a letter that americandaughter.comI received from a father who lost his son in Iraq last year.


    Please excuse this email to everybody, but I have to vent. It is over one year ago that my son was killed in action in Iraq. Frankly, I am getting sick and tired of politicians blaming the President for going to war in Iraq. If any blame is to be leveled it needs to be leveled at people like Senator Kerry and others in his party. By their constant divisive attacks they embolden this enemy to continue, in hopes we will give up again as we have done in the past. John Kerry’s recent remarks ‘telling students to study hard and get good grades in school or end up in Iraq” is just another sign of the arrogance and elitist attitude of these leftist, liberal Democrats. He is not the only one that has shown his disdain for the military. President Clinton and his “lovely” wife Hillary were known for their dislike of all military. In fact, Hillary wanted to have the Marines removed from inside the White House. This is something that is never brought up by the leftist, liberal media. (This is terrible…)

    As the father of a son who gave his life for his country, I have the right to tell Senator Kerry he is a disgrace to his office and the State of Massachusetts. My son EARNED his medals and gave his life earning them. He did not nominate himself for those medals, unlike Senator Kerry who nominated himself for his Silver Star and Purple Hearts, which were all questionable according to those that served with him. His only reason to join the military was to further a political career. When are people going to awaken and see the stripes on these people? These people are elitist phonies and only want your vote. They have no regard for anybody in uniform or any of us “little people.” For the record my son was an educated young man who believed in what he was doing and loved his country. He joined the military because he wanted to serve his country. He had no political aspirations like Senator Kerry.

    Robert A. Martino

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  3. It’s not bad. If the Senate holds as a tie, that’s OK with me. If the Dems win the Senate. It will hurt. But the whole nation will see socialism in action.

    Slave Revolt, a lot of the “tight race” positive talk by Rush and Hannity was just to keep the base excited and get them out to vote. The political analysts saw this coming. I’m not surprised. But live it up. You have exactly two years to be happy before Democrats get crushed in ’08.

  4. Our first socialist Senator, Bernie Sanders. He won’t be our last.

    Take off the sun glasses bro–look reality in the face: worse conditions for the working class, abysmal health care problems, an environment that continues to deteriorate because of the diseased logic of corporate, crony capitalism, corporate money making a mockery of the notion of ‘democracy’; a trade imbalance and national debt that signals massive collapse and depression down the road, etc.

    No, the only good thing about Democrats is that they are not Rethuglicans, and are nominally more ‘democratic’ in spirit (at least).

    The extremism of the US plutocracy’s adgenda will ensure that the US will decline as a super power and that socialism and opposition to global corporate tyranny will increase over time. I will put money on this.

    Justice….we will accept nothing less than justice. This concept goes beyond the narrow parameters of ‘what is good’ as described by the paid-for whores of oligarchy.

    Without authentic justice the specie ‘homo sapeins sapiens’ ends up extinct. Nature abhors a vacum, and if you don’t ‘get it’ (the awesome reality of justice, that is) than you will be popped like a pimple, a minor irritant on the ass of God.

  5. What, Democrats who want to socialize medicine, increase our taxes to more than Russia’s and regulate pay with a “minimum wage” — isn’t that a good start for you?

    How about if Big Brother/Big Sis also command what the central, state-owned oil business, energy business and transportation “sector” should charge, build, who they should employ? Like Hugo Chavez runs Venezuela…

    What more?

    Are you full of joy today?

  6. Mick, Mick, Mick, Mick, Mick…..put down the crack pipe, stay away from windows and sharp objects. This libertarian ‘market’ crap is so played out–given that the state-corporate-transnatioal status quo is diminishing our chances for long-term survival as a specie.

    Economic, transnational corporate elites and institutions (that operate at the behest of capital) need to be brought under democratic control.

    Your vision has the masses of the world exploited, polluted, and half-starving while a tiny elite lives in the lap of luxury–basically, the status quo.

    Put down the Ayn Rand. The neoliberal/libertarian model is roundly and rightly regected because it is utterly undemocratic.

  7. I’m worried. It’s pretty serious. Your Democrat/Socialists are out for payback. You want a mediocre world where the political activists in unions and government jobs will keep hiking the middle class taxes to the point where it becomes pointless to take the risk of free enterprise. Your models for success? I think I know what they are, but I’d like to hear it from you.

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