Mourning in America

“It’s time for a change of direction in Iraq,” Harry Reid said this morning.

What direction? What’s your plan?

Wasn’t it the same Democrats who blamed George H.W. Bush for not invading Iraq in 1988?

Kerry can throw his insults around and be Hillary’s running mate. Osama bin Laden is happy. So is Saddam and Howie Dean.

While getting some coffee at Micky D’s in Houston, I overheard three old timers talking about the election results. “This country is in for trouble. We are in for some serious trouble, that’s for sure said one guy about 65 years old. His friend who was about 85, said “I can’t believe we have so many stupid people who would vote for Democrats. They are stupid… rocks or worse for brains.” That’s for sure.”

The silver lining… We will see the Democrat/Socialist agenda as they drop their guard and gloat. Independents and the big middle will realize that Republicans are the party for lower taxes, free enterprise, home ownership, and the war against Islamo-fascists.

Wait until you get a good look at Nancy Pelosi and her ideas.

Even if the Senate is taken over by the liberals/socialists, Lieberman will vote with Republicans when it counts on the war against terrorists.

2 thoughts on “Mourning in America

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