Gibson’s ‘Apocalypto’ gets to the heart of corrupt, cruel, pagan and glorified Mayan culture

The diversity czars and czarinas of the Democrat party, and leftist public school teachers almost got away with eliminating the blood thirsty horrors of the Mayan civilization. I remember my teachers telling me that Mayans practiced advanced surgery — proven by skulls with chucks of bone cut out, and “heart operations” by the saw marks on ribs.

How much of history was rewritten by the socialist movement of the last 40 years? The leftists’ celebration of diversity and aggressive rejection of Western analysis of cultures and religions justified their rewrite of historical facts.

All Maya ritual acts were dictated by the 260-day Sacred Round calendar, and all performances had symbolic meaning. Sexual abstinence was rigidly observed before and during such events, and self-mutilation was encouraged in order to furnish blood with which to anoint religious articles. The elite were obsessed with blood – both their own and that of their captives – and ritual bloodletting was a major part of any important calendar event. Bloodletting was also carried out to nourish and propitiate the gods, and when Maya civilization began to fall, rulers with large territories are recorded as having rushed from one city to the other, performing bloodletting rites in order to maintain their disintegrating kingdoms.

For the Maya, blood sacrifice was necessary for the survival of both gods and people, sending human energy skyward and receiving divine power in return. A king used an obsidian knife or a stingray spine to cut his penis, allowing the blood to fall onto paper held in a bowl. Kings’ wives also took part in this ritual by pulling a rope with thorns attached through their tongues. The blood-stained paper was burned, the rising smoke directly communicating with the Sky World.

Human sacrifice was perpetrated on prisoners, slaves, and particularly children, with orphans and illegitimate children specially purchased for the occasion.

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8 thoughts on “Gibson’s ‘Apocalypto’ gets to the heart of corrupt, cruel, pagan and glorified Mayan culture

  1. I think you may be on to something. I was taught that Christopher Columbus and the Spanish killed off the Mayans. We were to conclude: Columbus/Christians = evil. Mayans = good, superior to Western civilization.

  2. Hi, i am from Panama City, i have native heritage.

    Yes! when i was watching the film, some of my reaction was, that the mayan were no better than the romans or the chineses (quin dynasty) or even the african hutus.

    I ‘ve been tough from school that the spanish came here to enslave the “poor defenseless indians” (pobrecitos indios) as we said, now on second tough the spanish conquest wasn’t so bad…

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