What? Don’t they get it? All newspapers are to be left leaning, even in Salt Lake City

The Tribune makes a big splash mocking the new editor of the Salt Lake City Deseret News because he is a Republican.

Deseret News’ new editor is shown reading these headlines: “Only Godless Lefties Doubt Cannon Impartiality,” “Dem Season Opens Soon,” and others.
Editorial cartoon

Here’s a little tip: Salt Lake City has the highest percentage of Republicans of any major city in the USA.

3 thoughts on “What? Don’t they get it? All newspapers are to be left leaning, even in Salt Lake City

  1. Really! That is funny. They don’t even understand their role of covering the city or region they work in. Do you think there are any Mormons who would vote for Hillary/Obama in ’08? Mormons are very conservative. The liberal newspaper reporters must despise there own community.

  2. you conveniently left out the part that joe cannon was not just a republican but the recent head of the utah gop. if it had been the head of the utah democratic party that became editor of the state’s second-largest paper, you’d be screaming like a stuck pig about bias and conflicts of interest. but since this supports your little bias, you’re ok with it.

    lemme guess, you’re like sean hannity and rush limbaugh in that you couldn’t cut it in mainstream media because you don’t know how to keep your bias out of the way of presenting an objective news report.

    Let me update you: Democrat hacks run the major news shows:
    Meet the Press–Tim Russert, life-long Democrat who worked for the Democrat party in D.C.
    Hardball–Chris Mathews was the PR hack for Tip O’Neal
    CBS News–Dan Rather attended Democrat fundraisers and disgraced his profession with a forged letter from a Democrat nut claiming George W. Bush skipped out a few weeks of Air National Guard duty.
    George Stephonopolis — Former Clinton Press Secretary hosts political show on ABC.

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