Senator Tim Johnson ‘responds’ to wife

Mick Gregory

Democrat Senator Tim Johnson remains in a coma. He “is recovering as expected,” said Dr. Anthony Caputy of George Washington University Hospital. “We anticipate no further tests or procedures. . . through the holidays,” said Dr. Vivek Deshmukh, a neurosurgeon. Mrs. Johnson reports that he responds to her. No details were given on what kind of reaction she meant.

His colleagues, especially Harry Reid are optimistic he’ll be able to return to work, when Democrats take control of the Senate (on paper) the 110th Congress convenes Jan. 4th, but how will Senator Johnson vote for Harry Reid for Senate leader?

Oh yes. Maybe by video, he can blink twice for a “Yes” vote on more taxes and blink once for a “No” vote on funding for American troops in Iran.

I wonder if Mr. Johnson wants to die in dignity like Mr. Shrivo thought Terri Shrivo wanted? Has a reporter asked if he has said or written anything about that? How about his view of the Terri Shrivo case?

I remember seeing video of Terri responding and smiling with family members. Will we see any video of Mr. Johnson before the Senate meets on Jan. 4th?

Why isn’t your mainstream media writing about this?


6 thoughts on “Senator Tim Johnson ‘responds’ to wife

  1. I’d just like to see a video like the one Teri Shrivo’s parents showed of her laughing, smiling, following the balloon with her eyes. That was said to be non-responsive in her case. She was just one of the little people you see, not a US Senator who’s vote is needed to shift the party in power. Get it?

    Where is the video of Tim Johnson?

  2. Wow! If citizen reporting is suppose to be more relevant and humane than the elite reporting, this story has failed. Senator Johnson’s presence in the senate is only an issue for his state and his state only to deal with. Leave his wife and family alone!

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