Hip LA journo decides not to be recalled to Sacramento — On a listening tour instead

Here is another example of the smug mainstream media

By Mick Gregory

Ms. Laura Mecoy looked at the McClatchy marching orders of a recall to the home office in Sacramento and decided it wasn’t for her. Instead, the paper’s ex-Los Angeles correspondent takes a page from the many politicians she has covered:

After leading The Sacramento Bee’s coverage of Southern California for 14 years, veteran reporter Laura Mecoy today announced the formation of an “exploratory campaign” to determine the next chapter in her life.

Laura will launch her campaign with the traditional “listening tour” at local restaurants, coffeehouses, bars and anywhere else people gather.

Shortly before Christmas, The Bee announced plans to close all its bureaus, including Los Angeles, and “recall” its out-of-town reporters.

“I saw how the recall worked out for Gov. Gray Davis and decided it’s not for me,” Laura said.

Earth to “journo:” without your Sacramento Bee byline, you are a zero. Aren’t you happy that the Democrats you were spinning for will raise the minimum wage?

5 thoughts on “Hip LA journo decides not to be recalled to Sacramento — On a listening tour instead

  1. I see this as a clever way for a first-rate reporter to put out the word she’s looking for a new job. I rather like the tongue-in-cheek release.

    Fact is that without reporters like Mecoy it’s newspapers like the SacBee that are nothing.

    When will the mainstream media learn that you can’t cut you way to success. Most of the once great journalistic institutions are but shadows of their former selves as the result of ill-conceived strategies to maintain egregiously high profits?

    In the long run (and not so long now) it’s the readers and democracy who suffer.

  2. I agree, it is clever self-promotion. But it’s not unlike a special buggy whip craftsman, telling the other manufacturers that their prized talents are available.

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