Did the ‘advanced’ South American tribes bury women alive?

Mick Gregory

Have progressive liberals in the media and public schools buried the truth from the masses about atrocities such as killing and burying servants, wives and children of royalty in Egyptian and South American tombs? Are progressive leftists actually rewriting history?

What do you think?

Check your local newspaper for the slant when you see this story on Friday. Did the reporter explain that an ancient mortician didn’t create the look of terror on the mummy, that the twisted terror is due to the woman being buried alive?

Hands over her eyes and her face gripped with terror, the woman’s fear of death is all too obvious.
The remarkable mummy was found in a hidden burial vault in the Amazon.
It is at least 600 years old and has survived thanks to the embalming skills of her tribe, the Chachapoyas or “Cloud Warriors.”


It doesn’t take an expert to come to the conclusion that this female was buried alive.

Eleven more mummies were recovered from the massive cave complex 82 ft. below ground. Some appeared to be family members. Did they all die at once? Why speculate on that? (Because it may turn out to be the entire family was put to death as was practiced by Pharos.

This provides more evidence of the savage, cruel norms practiced by the often vaunted South American civilizations, as was depicted by Mel Gibson in his controversial movie “Apocalypto.”

The vault – which was also used for worship – was chanced upon three months ago by a farmer working at the edge of northern Peru’s rainforest. He tipped off scientists who uncovered ceramics, textiles and wall paintings.

I’d like to point out that a display at the “prestigious” Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago has done some rewrites of history in the permanent exhibit, “Inside Ancient Egypt”. There you can traverse the catacombs once used by Egyptian Kings and Queens and see the many mummies and tombs that have outlasted them. But also take note of how equal time is given to examine the labor-intensive lives of the servants and how they served their masters even in death. A model of a mummy embalming room (that I remember seeing as a student) has been updated. Instead of explaining how family and servants of the dead king were put to death to join him in the after life, the model’s description now ignores that bit of information, and explains away the set of several dead bodies as depicting a busy, highly-ranked embalming studio. Get it? The PC progressives didn’t want to cast a negative light on the godless, morbid practice. But just 25 or 30 years ago, the truth was being explained.

6 thoughts on “Did the ‘advanced’ South American tribes bury women alive?

  1. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/articles/news/news.html?in_article_id=427999&in_page_id=1770
    This is the url, if anyone would like to read the full story for themselves. Ahhh, Mick, I’m going to get you a tin hat to protect you from the (too much) the rightwing talk radio to which you listen. It’s obviously effecting your cognitive thought processes and your objectivity is suffering. No where in the article does it state the cause of the woman’s death. It does state that she was embalmed, and my logic tells me therefore she was not buried alive.

    Please give the Incas credit for being just a bit more civilized than that, okay? Good grief, Mick, she was probably just hit over the head with a shovel or something – much more civilized.

    Actually, the writer of the article of which you bloviate doesn’t seem to be too objective in his reporting. To surmise that the “expression” seen on the woman’s face is a reaction to impending death is a bit farfetched. The mummy appears to have been tied with the ropes and then embalmed in that position. After the skin shrinks for 600 years it looks a bit grotesque. And the mummy was found in a burial vault with 10 other mummies, not merely buried directly in the ground, nor alive.

    And then you equate the lack of a coroner’s statement of the cause of death to be the fault of the PC Liberal Media. I’ll keep reading your site because I love a good conspiracy theory as much as anyone else, and I also enjoy good fiction. So, what size do you wear – in tin hats?

  2. Funny, Denny. So I am the nut to even question the PC brainwashing that is going on. Did you see Apocalyptio yet? I’m thinking that the Mayans were blood thirsty, but more civilized than their neighbors the Cloud Warriors or whatever they worshipped. Thank God the Spanish Christians put a stop to the killings and there are some of us who can see history being rewritten.

  3. Yep it takes a conspiracy theorist to overlook minor details like whether someone was murdered before or after they were locked in the vault (speck), but truely requires a brainwashing to overlook the more obvious fact (log) that this was a homicide either way you split the hairs on the cause of death issue.

    It looks to me like if she wasn’t buried alive she was at least EMBALMED alive!
    Much more civilized….

  4. Yes! Paul, what a wonderful culture they had, about the same time of the Magna Carta, and Louis the IV furniture, representative government and Christianity in it’s 500th year.

  5. Well, I had forgotten about the “Spanish Xians” who either killed all of the Native Americans or put them on reservations, while stealing their gold and land.

    Was that from Hugo Chavez’s official history?

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