Pelosi Fying Circus. What About the Carbon Footprint? Abuse of Power?

By Mick Gregory

Democrat Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, now demands a free jet. Ever hear of conference calls?

Hillary’s big guns are holding back from advising Pelosi.

I have a new theory, I think that Pelosi is being sabotaged by the powerful elite in the Democrat party. Image mistakes like this can easily be avoided with a little brainstorming. I think that having Pelosi around hurts Hillary’s chances. Not even moderate Democrats want to see the total government run by Prorgressive Democrats.

In a new world of face-to-face conference calls, Blackberries, online chats from all over the world on Skype, Macs and many other devices, the new Democrat Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi is asking for her own government jet to fly her and her friends around for meetings.

Can you imagine the outrage in the media if Newt Gingrich had demanded his own 747-200 passenger jet? I can. Page one stories all week.

The excuse Pelosi is using now is that she just wants a plane that doesn’t have to refuel. Question, don’t most smaller aircraft sometimes have to refuel, including the president’s plane?

Question 2) Doesn’t Pelosi own a brownstone mansion in Georgetown? Why does she all of a sudden have to shuttle back and forth the California?

During the same week that Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are pushing for a bill that states “It is not in the national interest of the United States to deepen its military involvement in Iraq…” she is demanding a military 747-200 for her use.

I think the jig is up.

Meanwhile, Republican Conference Chairman Adam Putnam of Florida said Mrs. Pelosi’s request represents “an arrogance of office that just defies common sense” and called it “a major deviation from the previous speaker.”

Now she is DEMANDING (and by demanding we mean having John Murtha send threatening phone calls to the administration) to be given a military aircraft that is the equivalent size of a commercial 757.

Evidently having the old small plane that Dennis Hastert had occasional use of was not enough, nope — she wants Air Force One – without the Oval Office. Room for her friends and lobbyists?

And what would Al Gore say about the amount of fuel she would be using?

Minority Whip Roy Blunt of Missouri called it a “flying Lincoln Bedroom,” and Rep. Patrick T. McHenry, North Carolina Republican, labeled the speaker’s plane “Pelosi One.”

“This is a bullet point to a larger value — Pelosi’s abuse of power continues,” Mr. McHenry said yesterday. “It began when the speaker denied minority rights to Republicans, continued with her ‘TunaGate’ scandal, and now she’s exploiting America’s armed forces and taxpayers for her own personal convenience.”
“TunaGate” was a reference to Democrats exempting American Samoa from legislation to increase the minimum wage. Star-Kist Tuna, whose parent company Del Monte Corp. is based in Mrs. Pelosi’s district, had lobbied against the wage increase.

Nancy Pelosi has unleashed her clueless, elitist, and out-of-touch inner-limousine liberal and allowed it to run free. First it was her recent demand for private use of an Air Force jet for trips to California not only for her, but her staff, delegation colleagues, family friends, and generally anyone else she likes. Now, in a moment of irony so rich it should carry a diabetes warning, we learn that she will be going to tomorrow’s Congressional hearings on global warming in a Chevy Tahoe.

It’s amazing to contemplate, but I do believe she has a political tin-ear bigger even than Hillary’s.

6 thoughts on “Pelosi Fying Circus. What About the Carbon Footprint? Abuse of Power?

  1. Old Denny Hastert didn’t. I would have used him as an example, but I didn’t think anyone knew he was the Speaker of the House. You are very misinformed or just a piece of human waste.

  2. Hey, Mick, some days you make sense and some days you’re just a demeaning, and mean piece of human waste. You are not going to ever make friends if you keep making ad hominem attacks on your guests.

    Thanks for yesterday’s article on the New York Times and today’s on Hugo Chavez and the cocaine production equipment purchase. I am reeling about this. Chavez is unleashing a whole new form of terrorism on us.

    I disagree with you on the Pelosi demand for a larger jet. It’s not the size of the jet at issue, but the fuel capacity. As she is Speaker of the House, and 2nd in line behind Cheney to the presidency, and in light of the nature of terrorists who now have the newest shoulder fired surface to air missiles, it would behoove us to supply Mrs. Pelosi with a plane of ample fuel capacity to allow for a non-stop flight home, and to have some leeway for flight plan options in the event of more terrorism within the U.S.

    Or maybe some of the Publican sots would like to see her taken out. Or maybe they just don’t care, and would rather whine and moan and make smelly noise. Or maybe they don’t believe all the hype they’ve spoon-fed us about terrorism.

    Hell, Mick, even Tony Snow agreed that Mrs. Pelosi needed the bigger plane. He said it should not be a story at all for her to ask for a plane that would carry her all the way home, just as Hastert’s plane would carry him home – non-stop.

  3. Hotdogz,

    I was playing games to get your fur to rise. I am open minded and only want debate from all sides. I think the Pelosi plane has been blown out of proportion, and Denny Hasteret did have a smaller plane but less of a trip.

    But I think you have to agree that Pelosi’s timing is not good for her to be suggesting carbon footprint caps on all of us, while she wants the use of a 747 (which has four times the carbon footprint of the smaller jet, not good).

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