Global Warming — The Sum of All Fears

Mick Gregory

I admit that it is impressive when movie stars are on stage with a former VP, and Al Gore is being fawned over and honored for his enhanced PowerPoint lecture on “Global Warming.” This is the high water mark of the media/Progressive Democrat/academia propaganda art and science.

So I am going to supply factoids that Al Gore didn’t show you in his picture book or his “Oscar-winning” movie.

—For the last 700,000 years, our planet has been in geological ice age, with advancing and retreating glacial ice.

—Our planet is five billion years old and remains very active. We have 500 active volcanoes, and an eruption every two weeks. The eruptions pour out a lot of “greenhouse” gas. Our atmosphere is violent. At any moment, there are 1,500 electrical storms across the globe. Some 11 lightning bolts strike the ground each second. Every four days, a large cyclonic storm, hundreds of miles in diameter, spins over the ocean and wreaks havoc on land.

—We are in the midst of a natural warming trend that began about 1850, as we emerged from a 400-year cold spell known as the “Little Ice Age.”

—No scientists know how much of this warming trend is directly man-made. Nor is it known if CO2 increases are connected to global warming. In fact, land use such as concrete and buildings may increase temperatures in metropolitan areas, close to temperature collection points.

—Politicized Science is very dangerous.

—Michael Crichton’s “State of Fear.”

Kids Corner: When you see an image of a glacier falling into the ocean, that doesn’t mean “global warming.” In fact, it may be that the glacier is growing fast and has moved far enough to fall into the water. That could very well be a sign of cooling.

Glaciers that are moving forward, are growing, glaciers that are retreating (like Al Gore’s hairline and Democrat plans for Iraq, are examples of retreating. They melt and move back in the direction they came from. They don’t move forward from the ice mass and drop into the sea.

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