Scooter Libby Guilty. But What Was It He Lied About? Is It a Crime to Forget Exact Times on one of scores of meetings years ago?

Former vice presidential aide Lewis “Scooter” Libby was found guilty on Tuesday of four of five counts of lying, perjury and obstructing justice during an investigation tied to the Iraq war.

What did this case prove? What did it cost? What about the big lies by Plame and Wilson?

Investigators were trying to determine who leaked the identity of CIA analyst Valerie Plame in 2003, after her husband accused the Bush administration of manipulation. It is publicly known that Plame gave her husband permission to take the trip.

The jury of seven women and four men determined that Libby, Vice President Dick Cheney’s former chief of staff, obstructed the probe and lied to investigators. He was found not guilty of one charge of lying to the FBI and faces up to 25 years in prison.

10 thoughts on “Scooter Libby Guilty. But What Was It He Lied About? Is It a Crime to Forget Exact Times on one of scores of meetings years ago?

  1. Hi Mick,

    What it basically means is that, anytime you are asked to talk to any investigative agency, insist on having your lawyer present. It would seem that, within 20 years or so, somewhere between 30 and 40 percent of our population will be lawyers, and no one will leave home without one.

    the Grit

  2. You know it. The cost of government and doing business just got a bit more expensive.

    It makes me mad. I’m hoping that Bush has a scorched earth policy and pays back these smarmy scum.

  3. Mr. Libby was tried by a jury of his peers and found guilty. End of story. Don’t worry President Bush won’t let him spend a minute in prison. Not with what he hasn’t conveniently forgotten.

  4. Except for a few members of the Ridiculous Left, I don’t see a great clamoring for punishing Libby. In fact, he seems like a sympathetic character loyally taking a fall. As an exercize in real time history, though, it all does confirm the Ridiculous Left’s assertion that Cheney obsessively wanted to go to war against Iraq, at any cost. I hate it when they are right.

  5. There is no proof of Cheney wanted to go to war.

    You seem to forget that 9-ll. Can you imagine the impeachment proceedings if Iraq did sell their nuclear or biological weapons to terrorists? Where have you been?

  6. I don’t forget 911. 911 was performed by mostly Saudi Wahabists and had very little to do with Iraq. Plaease, again, show me why Iraq had more to do with 911 than Pakistan, Saudi Arabia or Egypt?

    If you do not think that overthrowing Sadaam Hussein was a publicly stated goal of the Perle/Cheney crowd, I refer you to the PNAC letter to Clinton dated January 26th, 1998, calling for the overthrow of Sadaam Hussein. The PNAC crowd is who Cheney surrounded himself with.

    Now, if you want to argue that abrogation of the UN resolutions is justification for invading Iraq, you stand on surer ground. Of course, that would mean that you would have to grant some enforcement ability for the US to a UN resolution, and that would be a reduction in US sovereignty, so you get on legal constitutional grounds, but better moral grounds. It would be reasonable to say that we just had a truce after the First Gulf War and Hussein broke the truce, so we have the right to finish the war. I am OK with that argument.

    But linking Iraq to the War on Terror (whatever that is) is intelectually false. First, of course, the terrorists are stateless Jihadists who are trying to recreate the Caliphate of the Middle Ages to usher in Paradise on Earth. These people live in all countries that have Muslims. In most of those countries, including Iraq, they are in conflict with the leaders, Hussein saw them as a threat, though he hedged his bets both ways. Are allies like Saudi Arabia and Jordan give far more active support to these people then the guy we overthrew.

    There is a logical and very public paper trail which shows the Cheney link to the Project for a New American Century. I actually support the goals of the Project for the New American Century. There would be nothing better in the world than a planet of free market democracies where all members of society are in the ownership class.

    But please tell me, again, how Iraq was more linked to 911 than several countries we did not invade. And please tell me, again, how you think that goal publicly stated by Cheney and his crew since 1992 was not conveniently rolled up into a barely related attack by a different group of bad people.

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