300 Is the perfect drama for red state vs. blue state, George Bush vs. Harry Reid

By Mick Gregory

Update: “300” comes out on DVD on July 31.

This year’s No. 1 movie, “300” has a strong “free people vs. tyrannical evil,” “Red State vs. Blue State” message. The Spartans even wear red. The Persians are a decadent society of perversion run by a “kind,” homosexual, god-like king, Xerxes, with plans to impose his ways on the world. His followers are from the lands that are now Iran, Iraq, and Egypt; the Persian army wears Muslim garb, and treat women as second class citizens. Xerxes crushed every city-state his massive army of slaves faced and had the Greek lands next on the plan before invading Europa.

Sparta’s congress was divided with the corrupt, pacifist, traitors in control. I see some direct parallels. The pacifists are refusing to defend Sparta or Athens and back their brave king and his 300. Aren’t there about 300 Republicans in Congress? The similarities with today’s Democrat-controlled congress are astounding.

The queen Sparta is strong, outspoken and beautiful, much like Ann Coulter. The movie is a must-see for Americans. You know that liberals do not want “300’s” message to become “popular” — the need to take a stand and fight your enemies before they are at your gate, no matter what the odds.

Ted Kennedy is shoe-in for the fat lobster claw monster. Oboma could get the part of the messenger asking for “earth and water” and submission, who gets kicked into a bottomless pit by Unites (United States, of course) as he yells “This is Sparta!” I can imagine red staters shouting “This is America!”

A Hillary look-alike plays the part of a fat, disfigured lesbian in the court of Xerxes.

There are powerful, old corrupt puppet masters who look a lot like George Soros, Jimmy Carter, John Kerry, Robert Byrd and Bill Clinton. The king has to go to them for advice. You can guess, they are paid off.

Frank Miller wrote and illustrated this story years ago. It’s shocking how accurate it is to today’s political actions with the Democrats trying to strand America and submit to the massive Islamic blood thristy slaves.

In historic writings, the Persians had expanded from modern Iran, Iraq, conquering Babylon and Egypt, at this time set its sights on the West, seeing in the Greeks an easy conquest. But their gamble, like that of Saddam’s kingdom, ended with a ruined state and failed leader. While the Persian emperor Xerxes watched from his throne atop the hill of Egaleo, the Greek general Themistocles shattered the Persian fleet while the 300 killed an estimated 100,000 — 200,000 Persians before they entered Greece.

Greater battles, have been fought; but the battles against the Persians live immortal not in the historical records of nations only, but also of science and of art, and of the noble and the moral. For these are world-historical victories; they were the salvation of culture and spiritual vigor, and they rendered the Asiatic principle powerless. …

The interest of the World’s History hung trembling in the balance. Asian-Arab despotism — a world united under one lord and sovereign — on the one side, and separate free states — insignificant in extent and resources, but animated by freedom and individuality — on the other side, stood front to front in array of battle. Never in History has the superiority of spiritual power over material bulk — and that of no contemptible amount — been made so gloriously manifest.

Aeschylus’ “The Persians” shows Xerxes returned to Persia, wrestling with the consequences of his failure, lamenting that “I was born / To crush, to desolate my ruined country.”
—Dr. Hegel

So what the progressive bible, “Slate” contributor Dana Stevens think?

Here are just a few of the categories that are not-so-vaguely conflated with the “bad” (i.e., Persian) side in the movie: black people. Brown people. Disfigured people. Gay men (not gay in the buff, homoerotic Spartan fashion, but in the effeminate Persian style). Lesbians. Disfigured lesbians. Ten-foot-tall giants with filed teeth and lobster claws. Elephants and rhinos (filthy creatures both). The Persian commander, the god-king Xerxes (Rodrigo Santoro) is a towering, bald club fag with facial piercings, kohl-rimmed eyes, and a disturbing predilection for making people kneel before him.

Thanks again Slate. I’ve learned that when a book or movie is panned by Slate, it must break away from the progressive liberal mind-numbing PC claptrap, i.e., Michael Crichton’s “State of Fear,” Mel Gibson’s “Apocolypto,” and now “300.”

24 thoughts on “300 Is the perfect drama for red state vs. blue state, George Bush vs. Harry Reid

  1. Hi Mick,

    Call me cheap, with good reason, but I refuse to pay the exorbitant rates to see films in the theater, not to mention my lack of desire to contribute to liberal coffers in Hollywood. However, my understanding of the actual history throws things into a bit of a turmoil. The Spartans, although great warriors, were slave holders and fags. The Persians, while a totalitarian state, were, at the time, very advanced in many areas. The Athenians, from who we derive much of our fabric of life, used them both. There are several books in there based on the “what ifs.”

    the Grit

  2. I think I’ll have to pass on that one or at least wait for the video release.

    You won’t be able to wait. I guarantee it. You will see “300” this week.

  3. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I’m going to watch it and try to suspend my knowledge of history and enjoy for the cartoon that it is.

    Like others have said, idealizing the Spartans is problematic. They were National Socialists. THey held everything in common and believed commerce was beneath the dignity of a free Spartan. The sublimated self to state like the Facists. They believed that only the few hundred free Spartan males were of value, and all others should serve Spartans as slaves. Children were held as communal charges and taken away from the family (it takes a village). The sole purpose of women was for breeding,. Only two males, bonded by battle, could have an emotional love relationship, and, yes that also included both asking and telling, so Peter Pace would have excluded them form service. While Cicero comments that Spatan men were permitted all the benefits of a male love relationship, except the actual act, all Spartan youth were expected to have a pederastic (which connotes education and emotion) relationship with an older man.

    They were Nationalist, Socialist, anti democracy, anti commerce, narrow minded, dirty (bathing would feminize you), slave holding and aggresively militaristic.

    Conversly, they had some admirable qualities. Women could hold land and had an independent life (because they were only occasionally needed to perpetuate the Spartan people), honor and courage were exalted and a Spartan, when he did speak, could not imagine telling a lie.

    I doubt if a single American would enjoy being a SPartan. In fact, few Spartan’s ever enjoyed being a SPartan. THe structure of their society precluded them every getting very large (kind of like the Shakers or Amana community, they were born to die out). There was only martial music, no literature, the people smelled and you were expected to die young for the state. Paradise on earth.

    David, I’m not following your spin here. Adam Smith didn’t formalize free enterprise economic theory until 1776, so all civilizations practiced the tribe-like communal system.

    Sparta was a city-state republic that paved the way for representative governments we now enjoy. They used coinage and could purchase property and fine crafts. But the real lesson of 300 is to take a stand for freedom even against overwhelming odds.

  4. “300” has apparently set off alarm bells with the progressive Democrats. Before the movie was released “Slate” attacked it as right wing propaganda. Now, a chorus of liberal apologists are ringing in. The stylistic movie comes from the genus, Frank Miller, whose illustrations and unique story telling talent came to star status with “Sin City.”

    “300” is breaking all box office records. But even worse for the hypocritical Democrat party, the DVD will be a blockbuster that could very well turn the 2008 election to a Republican Party sweep.

  5. Haven’t seen this yet but sounds interesting.

    Really though Mick – ‘The queen Sparta is strong, outspoken and beautiful, like Ann Coulter’!! WTF! Anne Coulter’s a beast, a harpy, a gorgon before she’s the Queen of anything. She a nut with a very large mouth who thinks Darwinism is a ‘faith belief’. She looks like a bull-dog chewing a wasp!

    Watch her make a mess:

    Watch her look stupid on British Tv:

  6. She is outspoken. She has a machine gun like verbal attack on the spineless liberals.

    And how about my analogy of Hillary with the fat, deformed lesbian? Right on.

  7. She is ‘outspoken’, and she does launch ‘machine gun like verbal attack on the spineless liberals’. It’s just that she’s full of the brown stuff and she’s one of those crazy evangelical types who thinks creationism is a science?! Hillary is comparable to a deformed lesbian as well though.

    ‘Right on’ as well. Really Mick! That’s like a line from a cheesy Tom cruise film. Did you chant U-S-A, U-S-A right after that?

  8. I’m having a little fun. Now, I’ve been told Michael Savage, the third most listened to radio talk show host in the U.S. has made similar statements about “300.” Let me tell you, Savage is no friend of Republicans. But he agrees with them on stopping the Islamo fascists.

  9. Me too, lol. U-S-A!

    I don’t mind Republicans, like I said, Ron Paul should be President because he knows exactly what he’s talking about.

    Islamic extremism is a growing problem but its not America’s role to put a stop to it. Your aggressive foreign policy has only made it worse. Perhaps, pulling troops out of Iraq, keeping Israel on a leash, and using your relationship with the Saudi’s to actually benefit your country as an allie; perhaps these things would stem the tide of ‘Islamo-fascism’.

    Overall, Republican/Democrat, who cares: the people need to be in control, not the corporate puppets before your country is sold from under your feet, just like ours!

  10. I have a Land Rover. They are still built in the UK. But Ford owns the company for now.

    Yes. You have a good attitude, especially to know about Ron Paul.

  11. Haha – this would have been a nice comparison except for too many loopholes exposing right-wing ignorance of the world outside America.

    Sparta and Leonidas stood for “logic” and “reason” over stupid superstition and “the will of god(s)” that many of america’s religious right (including Ms coulter?) believe in.

    Xerxes’ arrogance began the downhill slide of the Zoroastrian empire and made conditions ripe for the new religion – Islam to take over!

    For all their brouhaha nothing exists of the ancient Greek civilization except ruins. The descendants of the Persian though still exist and worship their fire-god in India and are probably the most properous minority community anywhere in the world. The TATA group is India’s largest conglomerate and just bought “Corus” – the former British National Steel!

  12. Next time you’re in the UK try and visit the north of the country if you want a (bad) taste of the real Britain. Visit towns like Rhyll and Morecambe or cities like Manchester (have a look at Salford or Moss Side but stay in your vehicle at all times!). These places are like hell on earth, completely abandoned or alienated because industry has disappeared. Have a look at the old mining towns like Sheffield, it’s awful. Yet it’s these places that built Britain, that made it rich, that gave it an Empire in the first place and now they are dead.

  13. To Abhi 2.0 –

    “nothing exists of the ancient Greek civilization except ruins” – What are you talking about? Are you on drugs? Most of Western civilization exists because of Greece. They saved the history of the old world, gave us art, literature, culture, medicine, philosophy, drama. etc. Plato? Socrates? Alexander? You remember… Greek Mythology?? Very important I think?!

    Seriously my friend, that’s a weak argument! And I’m from the left-wing, outside of America! Besides left wing/right wing – what does this mean? It’s just a device to keep people in conflict so that the elite will prosper. We all want the same thing.

  14. You are absolutely right on again Terry. That is so sad for me to hear about North England. I love the Chelsea area and entire West End.

    What is that town from the BBC version of
    The Office? Slough (SP?) is it as dull looking as it appears?

    I’ve read that Ireland is booming with high tech. Why not North England?

    How about the Lake Country? Where Beatrice Potter lived?

  15. lol.
    Slough is worse than it appears! So is Milton Keynes: blandness incarnate.

    Ireland isn’t part of Britain, it’s a sovereign country, and the Irish don’t oppress their people. That’s why everyones rich and happy in Eire.

    As for the Lake Country (we call it Lake District): it’s beautiful, like no other place on Earth but you’ve got to be very rich to live in that area. I live near Bronte country like Wuthering Heights. Nice to drive through, terrible to live in.

  16. Ann Coulter is many things, outspoken certainly
    one of her traits. Beautiful she is not. She
    looks like an anorexic Afghan dog, and I’m being
    polite here. To quote Austin Powers, “That’s a man baby:

  17. LOL republicans rallying around a movie , The war on terror is about Oil and Imperialism first above all else .
    North Korea has nukes and africa is full of terrorist insurgency… I don’t see bush planning to invade Zimbabwe to free them from their leader , or pacify the Koreans.

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  19. Yeah that is pretty out there, I just saw it
    3 hours ago, and I don’t remember any character
    that had a main role and was a disfigured lesbian.
    The only disfigured was the guy that told the
    Persians about the secret path. Who the heck are you talking about? btw, this movie is good for anybody
    who struggles as to how much he should let his
    woman rule him!

  20. The disfigured lesbian was in the scene where they were entertaining the hunchback. B-T-W, the hunchback’s face looked a lot like Jimmy Carter, don’t you think? Thanks for your input. I think you are right, the hunchback is Jimmy Carter and we all know now that Carter is the one behind Iran’s new rise to power. Thank you!

  21. The Persians are cowards just like the Islamo fascists from Persia today, afraid to fight face-to-face, instead they use children as suicide bombers and roadside bombs planted at night.

    Cowards! Another perfect point made in 300.

  22. Wingnut stop crying about Bill Clinton investments into oil and Military.He did not start this war. Look in the mirror and be a man. The profiteer here is Bush Chaney and all there other cronies.

  23. You must not read much. Cheney and Bush do not own any investments in GE or Rayothon; in fact, nor do they own KBR or Halliburton. You have been sucked in by the big media machine.

  24. The movie 300 also has a theme of The way things are vs. the way things need to be. In that sense, the 300 would represent the Liberals and the satisfied government would be the Conservatives. Basically, you can twist any broad message to find any meaning that you see fit, which is extremely sad.

    Really, to try to politicize anything in an actuion thriller such as 300 cheapens the greatness of the movie.

    That traitor hunchback is Jimmy Carter. You have to agree.

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