Fire Storms in California, Georgia and Florida. Highways collapsed or heavily damaged in California, Florida and Texas due to huge tanker fires

Mick Gregory

Wake up and smell the smoke.

California — More than 4,000 acres have been destroyed since starting Thursday afternoon.

In the dark of Friday morning, flames crept over the west side of the sweeping hills surrounding the horseshoe-shaped town of Avalon California. The 76-square-mile island is home to about 3,200 people, although that swells to as many as 10,000 people during the summer vacation season.

People evacuated the island by ferry as ash from the fire rained down on the island. Some 1,200 homes are under voluntary or mandatory evacuation orders. About 3,800 people had been evacuated Friday.

The Santa Catalina Island fire is the second major blaze to force evacuations in Southern California this week. An earlier fire in the heart of Los Angeles burned hundreds of acres in the city’s sprawling Griffith Park.

Fire season for the region doesn’t officially start until next month in the California hills.

There is no official fire season in Georgia and Florida.

What’s going on with the arson investigations?

Gas tanker collapses the 80/580 in Oakland
Gas tanker severely damages the Interstate 375 overpass in Tampa/St. Petersburg
Gas tanker destroys Interstate 10 and 59 in Houston, Texas
Golden Gate Bridge attack avoided after the tanker’s wheels flew off just after crossing the bridge

Here is a new Web site that is connecting the dots, as well:

4 thoughts on “Fire Storms in California, Georgia and Florida. Highways collapsed or heavily damaged in California, Florida and Texas due to huge tanker fires

  1. The St. Petersburg fire damages heavily used overpass on month ago.

    Flames poured over both sides of Interstate 375 Wednesday night after a tanker truck crashed and exploded, killing the truck driver.

    Burning fuel rained down on a maintenance yard below the juncture of Interstate 275 and I-375. It flowed into the sewer system, where it caught fire and blew off manhole covers.

    The smell of burning fuel hung in the air.

    Hazardous materials teams, firefighters, paramedics and police officers rushed to the scene after the explosion, which occurred about 10:40 p.m.

    “The sky turned purple and, boom, you see flames,” said Melody Morrison, 26, who was standing at the corner of 4th Avenue and 16th Street N at the time of the crash.

  2. It was nearly MacArthur Maze, the prequel.

    Just three days before a gas tanker truck overturned, blew up and took out a pair of freeway connectors in the Oakland interchange, a similar disaster was narrowly avoided when the wheels flew off a double-tanker truck loaded with 8,600 gallons of fuel as it was rolling through San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park.

    In Thursday night’s incident, the trucker was heading south on Park Presidio Drive, on his way to deliver gas to a Shell station at 19th Avenue and Lincoln Way, when the left front pair of wheels on the tanker he was towing suddenly came off.

    “He didn’t even know anything was wrong until he saw the wheel pass him on the road,” said Michael Cheney, who happened to be driving the other way with his wife, Dianne, when one of the errant wheels clipped the backside of their Mitsubishi Eclipse.

    According to 21-year-old student David Wong, who was just behind Cheney in his brand new BMW, sparks began flying from beneath the tanker as its undercarriage scraped along the pavement. The airborne tire that struck Cheney’s car then ricocheted off the hood and side of Wong’s car — causing $3,500 in damage — before coming to a rest in the middle of the street. The second tire disappeared into the park’s underbrush.

    While waiting for the cops to arrive, Cheney — who just happens to be a mechanic for the Municipal Railway — examined the truck and found that 10 lug nuts had come off.

    Scary enough that a gasoline truck loses control in the middle of the park — but even scarier is that it had apparently crossed the Golden Gate Bridge minutes earlier.

    From the

  3. Driver killed when truck hits bridge and explodes

    May 8, 2007

    ELWOOD, Il — The driver of a semi truck was reportedly killed late this morning when the fuel in his truck ignited, causing an explosion after the semi collided with a train bridge in Elwood, just south of Joliet.

    The collision occurred on Route 53 just south of Hoff Road, according to Elwood Fire Chief Bill Offerman.

    The truck collided with a train bridge and fuel apparently ignited, causing an explosion and killing the driver, Offerman said.
    Witnesses told police the truck veered off the road without applying any brakes before slamming into the center median of a rail bridge over the major highway according to an Elwood police officer.

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