What? There goes another tanker truck explosion and overpass

By Mick Gregory

When will the mainstream media connect the dots? Tanker truck explosions have occured within days of each other at major highway intersections in San Francisco/Oakland, Houston, New Jersey, and Tampa-St. Petersburg.

Here are the details:

Engineers with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) are working on demolition plans for the major overpass that was destroyed a month ago by a tanker truck explosion that killed the driver.

The charred southbound lanes of the overpass are closed indefinitely as FDOT officials fear the bridge might collapse. Damage was so severe that workers had to pressure wash the bridge to get a better look at the damage.

“We have one span that we know is going to have to come down,” FDOT engineer Pepe Garcia said. “We have a number of other beams that have been identified as very suspect and likely have to be replaced.”

The damage resulted from a fuel tanker that overturned on the overpass near downtown St. Petersburg last month, causing a massive inferno that killed the driver, spilled fuel and fire into the streets below.

According to authorities, the truck’s driver failed to negotiate the turn on the overpass, flipped several times and hit a wall, setting off several explosions that knocked chunks of concrete out of the overpass. Could a remote-controlled bomb caused this?

And this just in, in the congested New Jersey/New York metropolitan area last Thursday:
May 10 , 2007) – New Jersey State Police tell Eyewitness News that a gasoline tanker driver was killed Thursday in a fiery crash on Interstate 195 in Monmouth County.

Traffic on I-195 was snarled in the area for several hours on Thursday night, as the highway was closed in both directions and traffic was being detoured onto nearby roads.
The westbound tanker truck was struck by a car that collided with a dump truck in the eastbound lanes and crossed over the median, state police say.

Jones said the truck driver, whose name was not released, was crossing the Allaire Road overpass at the time of the crash and apparently tried to avoid the car. However, the tanker — which was carrying 9,000 gallons of gas — struck a guard rail and rolled over at least once before it burst into flames, trapping the driver inside.
Just three days before a gas tanker truck overturned, blew up and took out a pair of the busiest freeway connectors in Northern California at the Bay Bridge interchange, a similar disaster was narrowly avoided when the wheels “flew off” a double-tanker truck loaded with 8,600 gallons of fuel as it was rolling through San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park.
In Thursday night’s incident, the trucker was heading south on Park Presidio Drive, on his way to deliver gas to a Shell station at 19th Avenue and Lincoln Way, when the left front pair of wheels on the tanker he was towing suddenly came off.
“He didn’t even know anything was wrong until he saw the wheel pass him on the road,” said Michael Cheney, who happened to be driving the other way with his wife, Dianne, when one of the errant wheels clipped the backside of their Mitsubishi Eclipse.
According to 21-year-old student David Wong, who was just behind Cheney in his brand new BMW, sparks began flying from beneath the tanker as its undercarriage scraped along the pavement. The airborne tire that struck Cheney’s car then ricocheted off the hood and side of Wong’s car — causing $3,500 in damage — before coming to a rest in the middle of the street. The second tire disappeared into the park’s underbrush.
While waiting for the cops to arrive, — Cheney — who happens to be a mechanic for the Municipal Railway — examined the truck and found that 10 lug nuts had come off.
Scary enough that a gasoline truck loses control in the middle of the park — but even scarier is that the double size tanker crossed the Golden Gate Bridge just minutes earlier.

There are models that say such an event could melt the Golden Gate Bridge and cause it to collapse into the shipping channel.

Houston’s killer explosion happened at the major intersection of Hwys 10 and 59. The driver was killed. The overpass is heavily damaged and will take months to repair.

What’s the Homeland Security color code today?

(Note to readers, the following key words and code is planted to attract Web crawlers).

Call it tanker terrorism, terrorisim, truck bomb, LNG tanker bomb.
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12 thoughts on “What? There goes another tanker truck explosion and overpass

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  2. I doubted you so I did some research. I found details of 5 recent accidents involving tanker trucks. One of them was caused by the actions of other vehicles, but the rest were not. The articles reported reasons for the accidents but it seems hard to believe so many accident of this sort in such a short period of time.

    (1)March 29, 10:45PM, St Peterburg, I275&I375, 2600LBS Liquified Petroleum.

    (2)April 26, 3:56AM, Houston, I10&H59, 8000GAL Diesel.

    (3)May 7, 3:45AM, San Francisco, I80&I880, Bay Bridge Interchange, 8600GAL Unleaded Gas.

    (4)May 10, 5:20PM, Monmouth County, I95 @ mile 32, 9000GAL Gas. [Tanker was struck by a car that collided with a dump truck.]
    (5)May 13, 6:00PM, Baltimore, I95 @ Hanover St, 6800GAL Ethanol.

    This could all be a coincidence, but what are the odds?

    If you truly believe there to be something or someone behind these crashes dont stop here.

  3. Thank you for the details Kendall. It’s time for citizen journalists to take over the honest reporting of what’s going on. It’s way too late for the corrupt mainstream media.

    Did the tanker expolsions cause traffic problems? Did the drivers die? If not, why did they crash? I’m thinking the same improvised roadside bombs that Iran is using in Iraq.

  4. tankers should have certain roads to travel on . just like the bagget truck do and they haul unloaded bombs. yes i know i used to work for them in 1990’s i jusyt want the highways to be safe for everyone. x- trucker from jackson, ms

    That is not be economically possible.

  5. I believe there is a connection between exploding tankers and terrorism. But it has been quiet lately. Were those precursers or tests?
    The big bang will happen on Sept. 11?

  6. Please take out your comments on the accident that happen on may 10th,2007 on I-95 in Mommouth County. He should not be concidered to be part of terrorisim, he was a loving and wonderful husband and father of 3 beautiful children. And to have him in a web sight called (sadbastards) is not right he did not want to die he tried all he could he held on but his arm gave way and was ejected from the truck. He is by no way a sad bastard he was a very much loved man and we still miss him. If you want to blame someone blame the road rage on the road that are the root of the cause of my husband death. People need to chill out on the road and stop trying to get ahead of everyone else.

    Norma, we are very sorry for the loss of your husband. What a tragedy. Were you compensated well by the oil or distribution company? This story is about possible terrorists, not drivers like your husband. Sadbastards is about the media that hides the complete truth. Your husband was a good man.

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