Star Tribune publisher buys a mansion at the same time the paper layoffs reach 50–Isn’t that grand?

Mick Gregory

There are public records being looked through by recently displaced writers. On May 14, the Minniapolis Star Tribune publisher, Par Ridder (any relation to the now defunct Knight-Ridder empire? You betchya!), currently busy cutting the careers out from under 150 or so of his employees, closed a deal to buy former news anchor Paul Magers’ ostentatious Lake of the Isles mansion for $2.73 million to be exact.

This ain’t Beverly Hills or The Woodlands.

The place is “ideal for entertaining,” like you hear repeated on HGTV. But the way Par’s been operating here in Minnesota, I have to wonder who among the “right people” will want to be seen accepting Par’s invitations?
Taxes? Oh, yeah. Last year taxes on the Magers Manse were $41,648, or about one year’s salary for one of those loyal old women Ridder canned from their classified jobs at the ‘Strib.’

One thing this proves, the media moguls aren’t as smart with their money as they used to be.
That 100-year-old shrine cost’s $2000 a month to heat in the winter. Oh, that’s right, Par will be wintering in Florida.

Par for the course.

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