Justice has just begun for the Democrat Mike Nifong lynching of white middle class Duke students to get the racist black vote in North Carolina.

Mick Gregory

Did you read in your newspaper that Democrat Nifong got 95 percent of the black vote when he ran for reelection as county prosecutor in North Carolina?
Did you know this: Our Hearts World, a website which had enthusiastically supported Crystal Mangum (the stripper) and Durham County District Attorney Mike Nifong for the past nine months of their slander, announced yesterday that it’s support had wavered and the site had been taken down.

The recent decision, made by the North Carolina NAACP, the Triangle Urban League, and the three black newspapers that had sponsored the website, signals that support for the racist slander no longer exists among even its most ardent supporters.

In fact, there may be some worries about civil lawsuits. Other factors cited by the administrator in pulling its supportive message include: the accuser’s inability to substantiate her accusations, her refusal to cooperate with the new prosecutors who replaced Defendant Nifong, and the mountain of evidence that failed to confirm her claims.
“OurHeartsWorld.com, the website sponsored by a coalition of community groups across North Carolina, is no more…

“Evidence turned over to the defense attorneys representing three players who were ultimately indicted for three first-degree felonies reportedly failed to confirm her allegations…

“The NCNAACP, the Triangle Urban League and three Black newspapers in North Carolina cosponsored the website…

“In December 2006 it was revealed that the accuser could not substantiate her rape accusations…

Watch the cleanup begin. But what about an apology by Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton.

What about the alleged prostitute-exotic dancer who made up the story? Shouldn’t she be tied in court for slander?
What did Obama, Hillary’s soon to be announced running mate say about the story now? Wouldn’t a real journalist like to know?

Mike Nifon, the disgraced prosecutor who committed “intentional prosecutorial misconduct” in his pursuit of the Duke lacrosse rape case faces an uncertain—and likely troubled—future.

The falsely accused players and their families, having racked up millions of dollars in legal bills, appear likely to file civil lawsuits against the disbarred prosecutor. Their attorneys want a judge to consider holding Nifong in criminal contempt for lying to the court.

“Some people will take that as being mean-spirited and kicking somebody when they’re down,” defense attorney Joseph Cheshire said Sunday. “But we believe that this issue is enormously important and it carries significant precedent and (the judge) ought to be the one to make that decision because it happened in his court.”

Nifong was disbarred Saturday, a ruling that came one day after he stunned his staff and own attorneys by announcing through tears he planned to resign as Durham County’s district attorney. In imposing punishment, a disciplinary committee called Nifong’s prosecution of Dave Evans, Collin Finnerty and Reade Seligmann a politically motivated “fiasco.”

The five-day ethics trial ended Nifong’s three-decade legal career, which he spent entirely as a prosecutor in Durham County. Aware that DNA evidence had identified genetic material from several men—but no members of the lacrosse team—in the accuser’s underwear and body, and that police were unable to place one of the players at the scene, Nifong still sought and won indictments against Seligmann and Finnerty in April 2006.

He indicted Evans the next month. North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper, whose office took over the case in January, later declared that the trio were “innocent” victims of Nifong’s “tragic rush to accuse.”

12 thoughts on “Justice has just begun for the Democrat Mike Nifong lynching of white middle class Duke students to get the racist black vote in North Carolina.

  1. Hi Mick,

    The low price for which people will sell their votes has always amazed me. Heck, they often settle for just a promise of future payment. No wonder the liberals don’t want basic economics taught in the public schools.

    the Grit

  2. Expecting hippocrates Sharpton and Jackson to apologize is like asking Hillary Clinton to return the silverware she stole from the White House.

    Oddly I had not heard of this on the news….. I wonder why.

    Keep up the good reporting Mick.

  3. Registered: Nov 2006
    Location: Cleveland, Ohio
    Posts: 206
    The Power Of Blogging! Durham Is YOUR town too!
    I ask you all to also request an Investigation into the DPD, and Sheriff’s Department, and why nothing is being done about the unsolved murders?! Not only my brother but also a recent triple homicide, Janet Araboa, Michelle Young, and who knows how many others!

    Our cases have been kicked to the curb, and 2 years have come and gone without not even being important, but disgustingly neglected! Nifong is hard from being the sole villain, his league is quite enormous and encompasses many others in positions of authority who have also abused their offices!

    There needs to be INVESTIGATIONS, and REFORM! Anything less will accomplish nothing! Nifong is by far the first politician to succumb to abject corruption! Every day is another story of another crooked members of government caught in everything from murder to fraud in office!
    The entire scope of the matter is that Durham has become like Carson City in the “Old West!” Lawlessness is the rule rather than the exception!

    The Governor needs to be told that “WE” as in “THE PEOPLE” DEMAND accountability, and “WE” will expect NOTHING less than a thorough review by FEDERAL INVESTIGATORS!

    Set a PRESIDENT! Durham is not just in North Carolina, but is in each of our United States! Let “OUR” government KNOW that “WE” will not continue to condone anarchy within our own homeland, brought upon us by “ROGUE” officials!
    The very word ROGUE does not begin to even touch the surface of what really lies beneath! ROGUE is a compliment compared to what they really are! And that is depraved individuals who care only for their own gain and agendas, are veritably let go with a slap to the hand, and defile the oaths they swore upon to uphold!
    All they have UPHELD is their own self interest and those of their cronies, meanwhile OUR rights are abused, neglected, disrespected, ignored, and denied!”

    “WE” the people have been vehemently denied our voices and rights to be heard! NO family should be forced into bankruptcy in order for us to have “RIGHTS” to be heard to the courts! This nation was NOT made so that legal affairs would be forever drug on by lawyers in it for their own gain! I am disgusted our country has become so defiled!
    MANY of our loved ones have, and are serving in the military so that “WE” may have our freedom and our rights!

    “WE” must STAND TOGETHER, massively call, and bother to send by certified mail thousands of letters telling them we will accept NOTHING less! “THEY” work for us! A third of our wages goes into the support of our country! “WE” elect these people! To look the other way is not just giving in, it is cowardice, IMO.

    What more fitting detriment to our millions of war dead to know that the flag they bled, and died for is nothing more than a piece of cloth woven in a communist country by enslaved women and children, only because we care about the cheapest cost regardless of it’s price, and leave out “One Nation, (UNDER GOD)?!?!

    I am sure they are shaking their heads and saying, THESE are OUR descendants?! Just remember our “ROOTS AND OUR RIGHTS” and there is very much power within UNITY!

    If ever there was a reason in time for “US” to gather in order to speak our pleas, it was YESTERDAY! It is simple, just mail the Governor, your state representative, and local councilman! Get the ball rolling! Faxes and certified mail is the best route to go, unregistered seems to have quite a knack for becoming “lost?” Also CALL! If I had not called and kept calling I would NEVER have even hope of ANYTHING EVER being done to convict my brothers murderer!

    We all think, “What does MY opinion matter?” Just remember this, THOUSANDS of us joined as a TEAM is the only way there will EVER be CHANGE, and HOPE!
    Rhonda Fleming
    Cleveland Ohio

    Excellent points, Rhonda. This is a turning point in U.S. history. Blogs are making a difference in elections, race-based cases and now legislation.

  4. Please feel free to contact me! I am more than willing to speak before ANY committee and tell them EXACTLY the way things are, and what NEEDS to be DONE!

    Rhonda Fleming
    I am listed as Justice4Jack in the Court TV blog site.

  5. This case is mild compared to what I am being put through. I was attacked at my house by a man everyone in the county knew to be unstable and dangerous, as he was going for his gun I shot him, unfortunatly he died. I was charged and tried for MURDER, the jury spent less than an hour to arrive at an unanimous NOT GUILTY verdict,but got hung up on a lesser charge that should of never been included, the judge dismissed the jury before they completed the verdict forms so they say there is no verdict and I am to be tried again for murder, even though the jury has said the states case was so baseless they didn’t even consider it. Indiana law on self defense “no person in this state shall be put in leagl jeopardy of ANY KIND WHATSOEVER for protecting yourself.” So a case so baseless no consideration and an unanimous not guilty verdict under an hour yet I stand trial again in Nov. for murder

  6. Whatta country we have become. I am not going to be around to see another change, hope it is for the better for you folks. Not sure what it will take. Although we marched, went to jail, and voted. We unionized and took care of each other. Hard to believe for the hyphened americans but it didn’t matter what color or race you were. At least in my part of the world.

    old guy

    old guy

  7. The Smoking Gun reports that Nifong has somehow spent $180 million dollars and has filed for bankruptcy. JANUARY 15–Disgraced and disbarred, Mike Nifong is now bankrupt. The former North Carolina prosecutor, whose career imploded with his botched handling of the Duke University rape case, today filed for bankruptcy, listing liabilities in excess of $180 million. A summary schedule from Nifong’s Chapter 7 petition can be found below. Almost all of that sum represents legal claims filed against the former Durham County district attorney by members of Duke’s 2006 lacrosse team, including the three players who were accused of raping a stripper at a team party. Included among Nifong’s assets are a 2003 Honda Accord, about $9000 in personal property, and his $235,000 home. He lists nearly $5000 monthly in pension or retirement income and describes himself, charitably, as retired.

  8. My brother’s murder WILL be investigated, and the system will be held liable for countless injustices heaped upon the public! The “Hoax” was nothing more than an opening act of what sordid tales bleeds behind the curtains of the city! The politics and money that are tunneled through the quagmire is a blackmarket for organized crime.

    When the truth is brought to the light of day, more than chins will drop, heads shaken in shock will not even begin to describe the crimes against humanity, and I am anxiously awaiting the day our lawyer exposes them for what they truly are.

    Only then will there be any sort of “Justice.” Some goodness must come from so much suffering, and sadly my family is not the only ones, the people must be made aware so that lives can be saved!

  9. http://www.heraldsun.com/state/6-937904.cfm

    Report: Easley press office ordered e-mails deleted
    Mar 29, 2008

    RALEIGH, N.C. — State government public information officers were instructed by Gov. Mike Easley’s press office to delete e-mails to and from the governor’s office, according to notes released Saturday by the governor’s office.

    The News & Observer of Raleigh reported Saturday that Andrew A. Vanore Jr., a lawyer who works for Easley, produced notes made by two public information officers. The notes showed that they and others were told at a meeting on May 29, 2007, to destroy e-mails. A third public information officer said he also recalled those instructions.

    But Vanore said the notes don’t mean what they say. He also said the instructions were not followed.

    Easley’s chief legal counsel, Reuben F. Young, has been vacationing with his family in China and could not be reached for comment. Deputy press secretary Seth Effron has been instructed by Vanore not to comment.

    Questions about the way the Easley administration handles e-mails arose after publication of an N&O series, “Mental Disorder: The Failure of Reform.” The series reported on an ill-conceived and poorly executed mental health reform plan on which the state has wasted at least $400 million.

    Two days after the series ended, Easley ordered the Department of Health and Human Services to fire its public information officer, Debbie Crane. Later that day, Crane told The N&O that the governor’s press office had directed that e-mails be deleted to bypass the state’s public records law.

    Young and Effron quickly denied that such instructions had been given.

    Julia Jarema, public information officer at the Department of Crime Control and Public Safety, recorded this note for the meeting in question: “Public records request — increasing careful of email delete emails to/from gov. office every day.”

    Diana Kees, public information officer at the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, recorded this note: “emails – more & more public records requests (blogs?) be careful w/emails; delete emails to and from gov office every day.”

    Vanore said he did not know what the notes meant.

    “It could be interpreted a number of different ways, and the only way to properly interpret it would be to talk to the individual who took the note,” he said. But he said he had instructed all of the employees not to talk about that issue because the newspaper may file a lawsuit.

    Vanore said the e-mail messages to and from the governor’s press office were clear and irrefutable proof that there was no systematic intent to destroy e-mail.

    Hugh Stevens, an attorney who represents The N&O, said the notes made by Jarema and Kees confirmed Crane’s allegation.

    “This sounds to me as though there was a concerted and willful attempt to evade the public records law by deleting the e-mails,” he said. “I don’t see how you can interpret it any other way.”

    Guess whose e-mails were deleted? OURS! I have had numerous people write to both Easley, and the Sheriff, for our case, and after being “blacklisted” from the county website and willingly negligent, here is more PROOF of the deliberate abuse of powers in public offices to purposely deny the public RIGHTS, and to perform MORE illegal and unconstitutional tactics to prevent being “OUTED!”


    Rhonda Fleming
    Durham SURVIVOR!

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