Barack Hussein Obama — the next U.S. president or V.P. on the Hillary/Obama ticket?

Mick Gregory

Do you think Hillary will pick Barack Hussein Obama to win the black vote?

I do. It’s been the game plan for a year now. What kind of people vote for a person based on the color of their skin? It’s not based on his black experience. Barack’s mom is white. His dad is a Muslim black highly educated African who moved back to Africa a long time ago. He was never a “black American.”

Why can’t the media spell out Barack Hussein Obama’s full name? They did it for Hillary Rodham Clinton, JFK, FDR, George W. (Walker) Bush. So much so, he goes by W.

Why not just H for Barack?

7 thoughts on “Barack Hussein Obama — the next U.S. president or V.P. on the Hillary/Obama ticket?

  1. Because that’s a bridge already crossed. When Obama announced he was running for president the media did bash on his middle name and his father’s religion and much more. But it all died down very quickly.

    I think it’s way too early to be deciding VP’s. Not completely sure who the pick will be yet. Still a long time before the primaries for candidates to make a mistake or something of the sort. Also, I don’t think people confuse Barack Obama to another Barack Obama in the news. They gave Bush because there was more than one. There was more than one John Kennedy and I am guessing media created FDR so they can distinguish between him and Teddy without spelling out the whole name. But it’s just a guess…who knows?

    Me thinks its about keeping Obama viable to black Christians, which most are.

  2. Obama will definitely end out on the ticket as a V.P. Hillary is too politically savvy to let that slip by her. I think even if Gore jumps in and he gets the nominated Obama will be picked. We will see Obama somewhere in the White House in 2009.

    MSM is into catch phrases.

    NY Texan, you are a wise political analyst.

  3. And this matters…why? Political platforms are far more important than initials.

    It matters in that the mainstream media picks and chooses their side and pretends to be objective. You bet that if Rudy or Romney has Osama, Huessain, or Saddam as a middle name, that’s the way it would be reported every day.

  4. Why can’t the media spell out Barack Hussein Obama’s full name?
    Because they know that it will hurt Obama and all of the are openly pro-Obama
    Believe me if Hussein would a middle name of Mitt Romney they would call him Hussssssssein. Any doubts?

  5. Renpatel:

    Off Topic: How do you respond to someone comments in their comment section. I’ve never seen that.

    Go to comments. And write your comments below like this. And hit Edit Comment on the far right.

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