Ladies and Gentlemen–We Have Cloture! Now it is Time for Full Disclosure

Mick Gregory

The American people have spoken and shut down the elite 100 U.S. Senators who wanted to change America’s core values just to win future votes and get cheap labor.

We can secure our border with current laws and send all illegal law breakers back home. The men and women with the big hair can go home on summer vacation now.

We have to thank Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage and Dennis Miller for bringing our voices further.

“If only the Fairness Doctrine were in place,” Harry Reed and Ted Kennedy are shaking their heads in agreement.

2 thoughts on “Ladies and Gentlemen–We Have Cloture! Now it is Time for Full Disclosure

  1. Hero = 53
    Sellouts = 46

    Remember that come election day.
    Vote out the Sellouts!!!
    No Amnesty or Rewards EVER for illegal INVADERS!!!

    I saw an “illegal immigrant” with a T-shirt that said, “Remember who won at the Alamo!” (We did!) with a Mexican flag.

    I think it’s time we sent people like him back home where he likes it. –Mick

  2. People need to vote smarter, and stop voting along party lines. Vote for the common sense candidate. I would like to see a third party started, the “Common Sense Party”, I think there would be a bigger turnout come election time.

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