Oops — there go 68 more Mercury News jobs — this time to India

Mick Gregory

A few dozen members and supporters of Northern California’s Media Workers Union picketed the Mercury News on Tuesday over the shutdown of the paper’s composing room and outsourcing of its work to India.

A total of 68 jobs will be eliminated next week, said Gloria La Riva, president of the typographical sector of the Northern California Media Workers Union. Some 40 jobs are being eliminated Monday from the newsroom, where many workers are represented by the Newspaper Guild. The content management system using CSS can be operated any where on earth in near real time. The people in Pune India speak and write the Queen’s English.

Many of the big corporations have been offshoring “mechanical” functions like simple Web design for years.

“We recognize the challenging financial climate in the industry, but we think that layoffs will damage the newspaper,” said Guild executive officer Luther Jackson, who joined demonstrators in a show of solidarity. “We think we should address the revenue side as opposed to further cutting into the viability of the paper through expense cuts.”

The Media Workers Union has vowed to continue fighting the layoffs. “Even if we’re kicked out of here, even if it takes a long time, we will get our jobs back,” La Riva said.

Ms. La Riva ran as VP of the United States on the Socialist Party of America ticket a few years ago. I know the charming activist. You may have seen her on C-Span a few times. She wanted to be included in the Democrat party primary debates.

She has visited Papa Fidel Castro on serveral occasions. I asked her if she could bring me back some Cubanos. She said she was against smoking.

These are the leaders of unions in power at the daily newspapers that cast the news for you every day. These are the newspapers who help elect Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein.

Did you read that in your San Francisco Chronicle or Mercury News? The Fairness Doctrine never included newspapers.

There is a seamy underbelly of America’s news industry that is just now being exposed by blogs and talk radio.
No wonder the Democrats want to bring back “the Fairness Doctrine.”

3 thoughts on “Oops — there go 68 more Mercury News jobs — this time to India

  1. “The Fairness Doctrine never included newspapers.”
    The Fairness Doctrine included included no liberal blogs either is it Fair:)
    let us apply The Fairness Doctrine to daily kos:)

    The Fairness Doctrine is a true indicator of which party is for freedom. Watch this one and remember.

  2. The Fairness Doctrine = Government control; I find it funny that so called “Liberals” would even think of such nonsense,I guess free speech only applies when it’s convenient to their agenda.

  3. The term liberal has been flipped around by socialists in the ’30s and ’40s. Today’s Democrats are strict one-party socialists that bow to Big Brother and Big Sis.

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