Coming to your school district — Busing will be back if you vote for Edwards

Mick Gregory

Former Senator and ambulance chaser, John Edwards sent out a trial balloon; he plans to warn later this week that the nation’s schools have become segregated by race and income, and he will propose measures to diversify both inner-city and middle-class schools.
“It’s another CRISIS!” Hasn’t busing been proven to be a disaster 20 years ago?

I think he picked up an old Bobby Kennedy play book. Mr. Edwards, you are no Bobby Kennedy and it is about 40 years since LBJ took over the U.S. government and created “The Great Society” to keep the secrets of his help in the JFK assassination burried.

What a pandering hypocrit, trying to carve off some of the Hillary/Obama vote.

The plan calls for beefing up inner-city magnet schools to attract suburban kids, and providing extra money for schools in middle-class areas as a reward for enrolling more low-income students.

Edward lingered in the Big Easy this morning – admiring a 5-year-old Head Start pupil’s sneakers and hobnobbing in a wood-floored café — before racing into Mississippi, Arkansas and Tennessee as part of a three-day poverty tour designed to shine a national spotlight on the plight of what he broadly calls “the poor.” The poor in America are likely to own two cars, half even own their homes.

During a town meeting staged in a New Orleans museum by ABC’s “Good Morning America,” he said the nation’s schools reflect the “two Americas” that he wants to unite with the ideas he’s proposing on this week’s “Road to One America” swing through the South and Appalachia. Just like Bobby Kennedy.

Now he needs an ACLU survey of 100 pre selected democrats and find that 8 out of 10 feel that they are poor and inferior to white folks.

“We still have two public school systems in this country,” Edwards said. “They’re not segregated just based on race. They’re segregated, to a large extent, based on economics, which has racial implications.”

“The result is,” Edwards continued, “if you live in a wealthy suburban area, (like he does) the odds are very high that your child will get a very good public school education. If you live in the inner city or if you live in a poor rural area, the odds of that go down dramatically. And I think there are very specific things we can do to not only improve the quality of the education in those areas but also to improve the quality of our schools at large.”

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