Al-Qaeda Kill 50 Iraqis as they celebrate their national football team win.

Mick Gregory

Watch the liberal media try and bend this terror report and call it sectarian civil war.

Clearly both sects were killed in the massive bombings as Iraqis celebrated in the streets.

Iraqis in a happy moment of unity created by their national football (soccer) team’s success in the Asian Cup, said on Thursday that bombs would not deter them from supporting their country in Sunday’s final.

Thousands of Iraqis of all sects poured onto the streets after Iraq beat South Korea on Wednesday to reach the Asian Cup final for the first time, but suicide bombings that killed 50 people in Baghdad cut into the brief jubilation.

The bombings can’t be labled sectarian violence between majority Shi’ites and minority Sunni Arabs, because members of both sects support their fooball team. These mass killings were clearly by Al-Qaeda aimed at fellow Muslims to create terror.

Many fans said they would not be cowed and would turn out to support their team in the same fashion when Iraq meet Saudi Arabia on Sunday.

“Those who carried out the explosions yesterday wanted to deprive Iraqis of rare moments of happiness. They want to kill life in Iraq,” said 22-year-old Bashar Mouayad.
The streets of Baghdad and cities across Iraq erupted into spontaneous displays of delight as fans with Iraqi flags draped over their shoulders danced in the streets. Sheep were slaughtered and vendors at ice cream and soda shops gave away free treats.

What will be the backlash against Al-Qaeda now when families realize this was not sect vs. sect violence? I predict this is a turning point along with the surge. Iraqis will turn in these blood thirsty cowards and be on their way to freedom.

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