Rupert Murdoch Is Now Mr. Wall Street Journal

Mick Gregory

The smartest guy in media, Rupert Murdoch has made the Wall Street Journal the flagship of his empire. You probably know he is despised by the mainstream liberal media.

Rupert Murdoch wanted it more that anyone else, including potential bidders General Electric, Pearson and Ron Burkle. “He wanted it more than all the tut-tutting media organizations who offered little more than rhetoric,” writes David Carr. “And he wanted it more in the end than the Bancrofts did — or at least he offered more than they were able to pass up.”

The IAPE union heads are “disappointed” with the decision by key Bancroft
family members to support the sale of Dow Jones & Company to News Corp.

At the same time, no matter who owns Dow Jones going forward, IAPE
members — over two thousand strong — will continue to band together
to fight for their interests. That includes negotiating a quality collective bargaining agreement.

We were heartened that several prominent Bancroft family members remain opposed to the sale on the grounds that it will irreparably damage the quality and independence of The Wall Street Journal and all Dow Jones publications.

We hope their courage, and their commitment to news gathering independence, will impress upon Dow Jones’ new owners that the success of our products has always been based on a foundation of integrity and trust.

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