A Constitutional Crisis: Democrats Stole the House Vote–Then break down the electronic voting system

Mick Gregory

The Democrat-controlled House of Representatives lost a vote 115 to 113 late Thursday night. Instead, they concluded voting and put in the Congressional record that the vote never took place.

This is a Constitutional crisis. What was the vote about? Giving subsidies to illegal immigrants.

I’ll take a stab at this–a Democrat broke the computer after last night’s fiasco where they started changing the vote counts when they lost the vote on denying government benefits to illegal immigrants.

They shut it off to keep the Republicans from running away with their proposals which had bipartisan support.

No wonder the Dems are so concerned about electronic voting machines. They see how easy it is to cheat and change the actual vote count! I think we need to the House to return to paper ballots to will ensure a fair vote that can be recounted.

This is as close to a Stalinist government the USA has been since Jimmy Carter’s reign. It was Stalin who said “It doesn’t matter who votes–it’s who counts the votes that matters.”
Iroically, Jimmy Carter validated Hugo Chavez’s rigged elections.

The whole world is watching. Thanks to the Internet.

4 thoughts on “A Constitutional Crisis: Democrats Stole the House Vote–Then break down the electronic voting system

  1. What can be done about this? Isn’t this breaking the law? If the Republican’s did this I would feel the same way. Is it time for some one or some court to take some kind of action against the leaders of these outrageous goings on in both of our houses? This is breaking the laws of our Constitution. I demand-as a citizen and a voter that I be represented honestly and without doubt of integrity. I am calling for the resignation of Nancy Pelosi immediately. If she will not resign, then I ask that she be removed.
    I have the same feelings about Harry Reid. My feelings are not based on partisanship. They are based on mine and others constitutional rights as citizens of these united states. Thanks

  2. Didn’t the Dems say they were going to change things in DC? I guess this is part of their (socialist) plan.

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