A long-time Hartford Courant Reporter and Democrat press secretary charged and jailed for murder

Mick Gregory
Leave the reporting and editorials to professionals like Robertson.

A career Hartford Courant reporter, editor and Democrat press secretary has been charged with murder in the shooting death of a man in his South End Hartford apartment building Thursday.

Robertson, who used the byline J. Greg Robertson for more than 20 years for the Courant, later became press secretary and chief of staff for Hartford Democrat Mayor Carrie Saxon Perry.

Police officers forced their way into Robertson’s apartment and found a handgun lying on the floor. It had been fired twice, police said. Colon was taken to Hartford Hospital for treatment of gunshot wounds to his abdomen. He died about 6 a.m. Friday morning.

Police took Robertson to the major crimes division of the Hartford Police Department for questioning Sunday and during the interview, police say he suffered a heart attack. He was treated under a watched guard at St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center while police continued investigating the shooting.

According to the court documents, police interviewed two key witnesses, Jesse Huergas, 48, and one of Robertson’s neighbors, who said they witnessed the shooting. Huergas provided police with details of the shooting that suggest a motive.

Huergas said that he and Colon were having a few drinks Sunday when he received a telephone call from friend who lived in the building asking why he was allegedly harassing Robertson, his next door neighbor. Huergas said he did not know Robertson but he remembered that last week he had made derogatory hand motions toward him during a cookout, the arrest affidavit said. Huergas, who could not be reached for this story, told police that after the telephone call he and Colon knocked on Robertson’s door in an attempt to confront him about the accusation. Huergas told police that Robertson cussed at them, and Colon stepped between the two men.

Huergas told police that Robertson allegedly “pulled out a small handgun from behind his back and fired several times at Ralph,” the warrant said. He said Robertson then pointed the gun to his head, and he said he told Robertson, “you might as well shot me too,” the warrant says Huergas told Robertson.

“I’ll wait for them to come and get me,” the affidavit says that Robertson responded before he went inside his apartment and shut door.

Another witness told police that she was in her kitchen when she heard the gunfire. She told police that she opened her apartment door, and saw Robertson “holding a gun” pointed at Huergas’ head.

She said Colon was lying on the floor and a second guy yelled for her to call the police. She told police that she saw her Robertson fire the gun once more at Colon, the affidavit said.

No one else was shot during the incident, Police Department Spokeswoman Nancy Mulroy said today. She said police are investigating both accounts of the story but could offer no further details about the motive for the shooting.

Robertson was charged Sunday after being treated for what he called a heart attack he said he suffered while being questioned by police.

Judge set the editor’s bail at $1.5 million in Superior Court in Hartford.

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2 thoughts on “A long-time Hartford Courant Reporter and Democrat press secretary charged and jailed for murder

  1. The media landscape is drastically changing.
    The free fall of newspapers is shocking. Who could have predicted this?
    (The Knight-Ridder and Times-Mirror families did).

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