IT trade mag ‘journalists’ bite the hand that feeds them. HP

By Mick Gregory

Legal complaints were filed on behalf of CNET reporters Dawn Kawamoto, Stephen Shankland and Tom Krazit in California Superior Court for the County of San Francisco. First of all, you may not read CNET, it is an advertorial trade magazine that gets all of its ad revenue and content from IBM, HP, Dell and small enterprise software companies like BMC Software.

They all seek unspecified damages.

This is a lawsuit designed for a small settlement and a little publicity for the modest magazine.

It’s amazing to some in the media, because HP was right on target with their investigations on top managers leaking info to low level “journalists” who are easily bought with a Grand Slam breakfast at Denny’s. These are the kind of “journalists” who end up writing for CNET in their jammies from their studio apartments in San Jose.

“As we have said since last fall, HP regrets these events, and we have apologized individually to those who were affected,” said Ryan Donovan, an HP spokesman. “In an attempt to resolve this matter short of litigation, HP made a substantial settlement offer to the reporters, their family members and a charity of their choice. Unfortunately, rather than respond to the offer, they have decided to sue. HP is disappointed by their decision and will defend itself.”

I don’t think HP will be bothering to budget any money into CNET in the decade. As for the settlement, how about some free meals at IHOP?

And a note to the reporters: I hope the settlement works out for you. Which other IT trade mag will hire you?

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