Who do you trust–mainstream media liberal reporters or citizen journalists?

By Mick Gregory

The gatekeepers are trying to hold on to what they perceive as a high holiness of being objective and much better than citizen journalists. Yet, we now know that 90% of the press are Democrats who openly laugh about assassination attempts on Reagan, the retirement of Rove and on and on.

The public puts cell phone salesmen ahead of the press in credibility.

Take a look at this Op-Ed page comment from the editor of the Santa Barbara Press Democrat.
The real issue here is editorial managers joined their workers in trying to unionize the former New York Times paper. They apparently forgot that managers have the fiduciary responsibility to manage the enterprise, not join a lobor dispute behind the scenes.

A world of media conflicts
By Travis Armstrong

August 15, 2007 12:00 AM

Can the News-Press get a fair hearing in the press regarding the federal labor trial that started yesterday in Santa Barbara?

Reporters have a built-in bias when covering other journalists or former journalists who are battling management.

But also consider that many of the reporters at the hearing earn their livelihoods by working at competing media outlets that have a financial incentive to damage this newspaper. Others are friends or associates of people who, for various reasons, no longer work at the newspaper.

Still others — such as James Rainey of the Los Angeles Times — have supervisors with ties to past workers. Mr. Rainey tried to get me to talk with him by writing in an e-mail to me last year: “Maybe you could even accept dinner and a beer on the Tribune Company.”

I declined but did earlier ask him if Times Page 1 editor John Arthur had any role in one of Mr. Rainey’s stories on the News-Press editor resignations in July 2006. As I’ve said before, the impression I got from Mr. Rainey’s dancing around the question was yes.

Mr. Arthur, before that story appeared, told one of the departing editors in an e-mail to “hang in there! Best, John.” The Times has since promoted Mr. Arthur to the managing editor’s position.

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