Drudge Report is the media’s electronic bulletin board

Mick Gregory

The Drudge Report’s greatest hits came from the story explaining the fact that Newsweek had killed a story on the young White House intern’s possible sexual harassment by Bill Clinton and then breaking the name Monica Lewinsky a day later, occurred nine years ago. Drudge showed how the mainstream media shelters their liberal heros.

Today, most journalists, political operatives, business executives —just about anyone in public life—consult drudgereport .com, several times a day to know what major news events have happened.

“This is America’s bulletin board, and much more than that,” NBC’s Brian Williams said recently. “Matt Drudge is just about the most powerful journalist in America,” said Pat Buchanan.

Drudge’s status was underscored in the book The Way to Win: Taking the White House in 2008, in which the authors Mark Halperin (of Time) and John Harris (now editor in chief of Politico, formerly of the Washington Post) said that Drudge was the “Walter Cronkite of his era,” in terms of his ability to steer the public agenda at a time when the “freak show” moments of a candidate’s behavior or past can play such a large role in the political process.

3 thoughts on “Drudge Report is the media’s electronic bulletin board

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