Washington DC gay blogger picks his targets for outing. Is Hillary next?

By Mick Gregory

From his apartment, Michael Rogers, the gay blogger who outs some and keeps the lie secret for others, has had some fame of late. He decides who is dishonest as a gay or lesbian, and who has earned the right to stay in the closet and go on with their lives.

Then, with a few words sprayed onto the uneven ground between gossip and journalism, he turns a life upside down. Or he offers absolution, remaining silent if he believes the person in question has a good heart.

As The Post’s Jose Antonio Vargas reported in his profile of Rogers this week, the blogger views his posts about Idaho Senator Craig and congressmen Ed Schrock and Mark Foley — Republicans who resigned even as they denied Rogers’s claims that they had had same-sex encounters — as neither titillations nor violations of privacy.

Rather, Rogers, a 43-year-old gay man who worked as a fundraiser for gay and environmental lobbies before turning to full-time Internet activism, considers himself an investigative reporter, “someone who has been able to sway a lot of people from my living room.” He sees his work as quintessentially moral, a modern truth-telling that bares political hypocrisy.

But who elected him moral arbiter? Do his readers at blogactive.com even know how he makes his choices about whom to out? By Marc Fisher of the Washington Post.

Rogers sees his outings — a word he says he doesn’t like, although he uses it more than a dozen times over a single lunch — as part of his engagement with the world, no different from his neighborhood activism.

You see, that’s how Democrats and gays work together to change America to their view.

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