Where is Osama? The production quality of that photo and tape is laughable.

By Mick Gregory

Speculation on the spector of the Osama tape.

Are any of you worried about the eve of 9/11? Here’s what I think:

The Osama photo is not recent, it’s a composite designed using PhotoShop. The audio is probably technically mixed to sound like his voice, as well. My guess is the tape is being produced and distributed by the Russian “new” KGB. It keeps the myth going and hope for the Islamic terrorists to continue the fight against “The Great Satan.”

The Osama tape is to be taken as a signal to go ahead with attacks by independent sleeper cells in the US.

The worst case: .0002 chance of occuring.

I believe there could be simultaneous bombs blown off in major cities in the US and Europe, some will be dirty bombs and the massive fear will be that they were all nuclear active. Fuel tanker trucks will be the weapon of choice. I don’t think the terrorists are capable of this any longer.

The New York, Chicago, Washington DC, Miami, LA and San Francisco explosions will be the targets of dirty bombs and the major bridges and tunnels will be blocked, increasing the chaos. The next wave of terror will hit London, Paris, Ramstein air base, and the Hague financial center.

The nuclear devices were propably supplied to the terror cells by Russian operatives. Most have been degraded over time, but still very powerful in psychological impact and fear factor.

It’s too complicated to predict what will happen if there are two days of terror.

I’m sure the Pentagon has been running Monte Carlo risk simulations using various factors, and playing out scenerios. Marshal Law would have to be one of the tools set in place to force order.

After months of a crushed economy, and people ignoring their mortgage and credit payments, the stock market would crash and there will be runs on the banks. There would be a collapse of fuel and food supplies. Possible looting in poor cities, sporatic shootings. Chance of happening: .000003.

Russia and China would emerge as the super powers, the US and Western Europe could be in Great Depression II.

It would take years to regain normalcy. What a nightmare it would be. But the chance of anything close to playing out is about .0000023.

My hope is that the terror cells lack training and made up of low class punks and true Islamic believers managed by low level criminals with pipe bombs and AK-47s.

Then, nothing will happen in the U.S. And we wil see that the Bush doctrine is right, keeping the fight in Afghanistan and Iraq and that killing 20,000 Islamo Fascists every month is working fine. Chance of occuring: .9998.

Next, on to Iran.

MOABs dropped on 1500 military and nuclear sites in three days. Oil crisis? Not much. Iran can’t even supply its own people with gas now. Of course there will be a spike in gas prices for six weeks. Big deal. Secure oil for the next 30 years is a good trade off. Chance of happening: .333.

Which scenerio will play out? What say you?

9 thoughts on “Where is Osama? The production quality of that photo and tape is laughable.

  1. Wahey, you’re alive! We nearly mounted an international inquiry into your whereabouts. See, told you we loved you. lol.

    You’ve been “advised”! Of course: (I am very old. It is midnight.)

    I’ve gathered that you don’t always put your true opinions on here. Wise move really.

    What about the hurricane/storm? Is that near you?

  2. Good – you’ve survived then! Those big storms are horrendous in your part of the world. People have been hurt in Nicaragua though. Has there been any major damage in the US?

    No probs about the asking either. We take care of our own and you’re one of us (kind of! lol).

  3. Why thank you! I’ve never been called a ‘specialist’ before! This is a week of compliments. I’ve even been interviewed by the local press this week and given an award for my thesis. The tide is finally turning…

    Thanks again for posting all that great information on my site. I owe you on.

  4. hey mick! i work with a media review tv show and wanted to know if i could speak to you a bit about this post on bin laden. the show is called the listening post and the channel is al-jazeera english. you can check out episodes of the show on youtube…contact me if you can talk…

  5. Mick, I wouldn’t bother with Ravi Meeakshi’s a-Jazeera English show. As you said before, Osma bin Laden is most likely dead. If he were alive, why not send a digital video? Instead, it looks like a still photo taken of a TV screen video, then cleaned up a bit in PhotoShop.

    President Bush has the best plan of all. They bombed the hell out off the caves in Afghanistan a few years ago. He’s buried under tones of rock. You don’t have a martyr without a body. You can’t even collect the $50 million in reward money and automatic US citizenship for the finder’s fee. It’s a win win for W.

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