The Religion of Peace Parade in London

Mick Gregory

Did you see this recent parade by Islamic Fascists in your daily newspaper?
The mainstream media is irrelevant now, because U.S. citizens are computer savvy and well educated. Events like these, burried by liberal reporters and editors (who know what’s best for the masses) are leaking out thanks to emails and blogs. Pass on the info, fellow citizen journalists.

There is more to come.


9 thoughts on “The Religion of Peace Parade in London

  1. Hotoffthepress,

    An attorney sent this and several more to me by e-mail. They are real I assure you. He said they were taken by a friend who lives in England. The press there is just as PC as ours.

  2. A friend of mine also sent a group of about ten of these photos from London. I thought it was frightening! I realized there were Islamic fascists out there, but . . . . I decided to pass-on the photos to a few friends and family members to inform them as well. One family member sent a reply. I didn’t ask for replies from anyone mind you. He sent one of support for Chavez and a hateful attack of Bush and the religious-right. Nothing was said about the pictures and how disturbing they are (obviously not to him). He is a very liberal democrat.
    I just can’t understand how the democrats can be so mislead! It just seems that if the program or person is against the republican party, they will support that side. How can they support the kind of persons that are anti-american?

  3. It’s hard to understand the motives or perspective of Democrats. They really are ant-American, athiests and socialist hypocrits who should practice what they preach, ride bikes, not cars; share their pay checks with the poor, and ivite illegal immigrants into their homes.

    Next, Democrat women should wear head scarfs and walk 10 feet behind the males in their family.

  4. Hi Mick,

    Islamic extremists exist but they’re a tiny minority and within that tiny minority there is only a sliver of real extremism. I know from very reputable ‘security operatives’ that Islamic extremism is pretty benign, though that’s not to say it should be ignored.

    As for the media: the British press did not publish these images and they are very reluctant to confront Islamic extremism. However, contrary to this, the British press were instrumental in the downfall of Abu Hamza, a radical Islamic preacher, so I suppose the pendulum swings both ways.

    Interesting photo nevertheless.

  5. Terry,

    Thanks for your comments and perspective. I’m a bit fed-up
    with giving the religion of pieces (of human flesh) a broad path. While the same police will arrest the middle class youth for smoking pot and oftern bash them over the head with a Billy Club for good measure.

  6. I liked Rush, whilst he was allowed on TV, up ‘ere. It is not exciting to see some of the comments by Limbaugh bashers. He was a breath of fresh air in the liberal controlled media. We just got rid of the Liberals [at least temporarily]. Now we have to put up with Harper bashers, who, like the Limbaugh bashers, don’t know which side of the swastika to kiss first!

  7. Are you serious? THIS IS A HOAX! Obviously its fake, and a quick google search confirms that.
    These pics are being used to incite hate and stir up racist feelings in people by distributing pictures that we know nothing about.

    Here are 2 websites that will help you to check if emails that spread this kind of “information” are a scam before you forward it on:
    Email scam busting site:
    Hoax busting site:

    These pictures were taken in 2006 after the Danish cartoon fiasco. The protest mentioned DID NOT EXIST.

    Those who insist on hate and ignorance are the ones suffering. If you knew real history beyond the headlines of our propagandist media, you would understand why there is some hate towards the west. If you traveled or spoke to any Muslims you would also see that they don’t hate you and me, and only a small few only hate our governments and big corporations that are killing them and raping their lands. You would see the anger isn’t about religion at all, it’s about a Western empire that is taking over the world through militarized economics and globalization while we sit back guilt-free and watch, and enjoy the benefits of stolen wealth.
    They are upset because our governments stage false terror attacks around the world and then blame it on Muslims and peaceful democracies so our people will believe it is justified when we invade them and destroy their homes and kill innocent people. Then we loan them billions of dollars at high interest they can’t pay back (via the IMF, World Bank, or USAID) with attached conditions forcing them to hire our companies to rebuild their country. All the profits and resources (including oil) resulting then belong to our companies. They are free to take it all away, sell it or use it, even sell it back to the same people they just took it from — and none of the profit remains in the country we just destroyed. Plus, that poor country is now left with a massive interest riddled debt they can never repay. The result is that they have nothing left to help their poor, educate their children, or care for their sick. We own them.
    Are you a compassionate person? Do you believe in freedom and equality? Are you sure you really do? Or do you attach conditions to your beliefs? If so, they are not beliefs or moral standards as you profess. They are bigoted opinions, shiftable when it is convenient for the circumstances before you.

    Wake up. Do your own research. You are right to doubt the mainstream media, however stop wasting your time and others by spreading “news” you know nothing about. If you want to be politically active then do it responsibly. If you want to play the role of the media by spreading information, then get your facts straight first, or else YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM. Instead how about trying to be PART OF THE SOLUTION? Check out Amnesty International or another reputable group if you want to get active.

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