Top Conservative in the USA? Rudy Giuliani!

Republican presidential candidate

The mainstream liberal newspapers in America won’t report this. You have to go across the pond to the Telegraph to get a clear description of who the conservative and liberal front runners are. Democrats are so deceitful they don’t want the lable liberal.

The clear Republican front runner and arguably the only party nominee who could beat Hillary Clinton in 2008, Giuliani makes the top of our list despite his unorthodox brand of conservatism that is anathema to many on the Christian Right. Before 9/11, a thrice-married New Yorker in favour of abortion and gay rights and gun control would have struggled to survive the early stages of a Republican nomination battle despite his tax cutting and crime fighting credentials. But even many Christian conservatives who disagree with the former New York mayor on social issues now view national security as their number one priority.

Giuliani’s performance after 9/11 made him an international figure and helped make a nation feel good about itself just after its darkest hour. But 9/11 is the centrepiece of the Giuliani campaign in more than just that respect – he is determined to confront America’s enemies, including Iran, and has taken on an array of hawkish advisers. Meetings with Tony Blair and Gordon Brown while in London to receive an award from Margaret Thatcher underlined his global stature. All the stars are in alignment for a Democratic victory in 2008 but Giuliani has the potential to buck the historical trends and signal a dramatic shift in American conservatism by securing a win.

–London’s Conservative Telegraph

3 thoughts on “Top Conservative in the USA? Rudy Giuliani!

  1. Mick — If Rudy G is the “#1 Conservative,” then I’m a monkey’s uncle — and I’m not! Leave it to the Brits to come up with a cross-dressing, twice-divorced attorney from New York as our “#1 Conservative.” In a nutshell (emphasize “NUT”), they’re WRONG!

  2. HEY, you are getting “out there,” McCarty! I don’t know if you realize how important this election is. Guliani is the only Republican who can stop the Clinton-Obama machine.

    Then, they will be in power until 2024. Good by America.

  3. Rudy G received the enthusiastic endorsement of former presidential candidate and Christian Broadcasting Network founder Pat Robertson. Pat Robertson is a conservative leader who has championed Republican causes for over four decades and his support of Rudy further shows that the Mayor is the only candidate who can unite the Republican party and win in November 2008.

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