Famous Democrats in History

The killer clown, John Wayne Gacy was a Democrat activist in Chicago where he killed 33 boys and young men while campaigning for local Democrats and Jimmy Carter. He posed for photos with Rosalyn Carter when he gave them $5,000. Today, that is equal to nearly $20,000. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not blaming Carter for taking the money. After all, Gacy was a prominant Democrat, one of the family. Carter didn’t look into his background of commmiting sexual crimes agains an under age boy in Iowa. And there were no charges filed agains Gacy when he chased around a youth volunteer at a Democrat party office with his pants down.

Progressive Democrats in U.S. history. Collect them all! Paste them up on light poles, and public transportation.



8 thoughts on “Famous Democrats in History

  1. Your just a plain idiot and a liar my friend. Multinational corporations which are chiefly run by staunch conservatives- such as yourself- control the media, not bleeding heart liberals you douchebag. And what really gets me is that you ignorant bastards know this, you just blame open-minded people for all your problems rather then face them head on. Don’t like the medea? Well you guys control it! And on another note Bernie Ward wasn’t arrested in 2007 due to child pornography it was in 2004 and 3 years later charges we’re filed against him. His case has only gone before a grand jury and his trial is set for June 2008. So stop rambling on about Bernie like he’s already been convicted you jackass and make sure to tell the truth.

  2. So very typical of the scum that makes up the soros owned libidiot party……Thanks…..we need to expsoe more of the filth….Phil

  3. Thanks Phil, I read (in a fashion magazine deep into a story) that Soros was visiting a luxurious resort in Africa owned buy a Duchess. He and Gore don’t have to worry about “carbon footprints” they leave. Those laws are for the consumers, the little people to follow.

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