Wolf Blitzer caves to threats from the Hillary-Obama machine and lets her flip-flop

Mick Gregory

Watch the political play unfold. Scripted questions. Obama put in his place with threats of dirt that Hilary’s people have on him “but refuse to release” yet. That’s just to make sure Obama doesn’t get any ideas that he is to be the top of the Hillary-Obama ticket.

The smelly pant-suit and her machine has ways of keeping Obama in line.

I’m hoping that B. Hussein Obama does better than expected in Iowa, then let’s see Hillary come out with her dirt. It’s an empty threat, most likely to make her look above it all.

With Wolf Blitzer’s gentle tea party questioning, Hillary Rodham-Clinton was able to avert another debate meltdown in the Nevada Democratic debate held last night, November 15. Asked about driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants, a compliant, even subservient, Blitzer accepted Hillary’s one word answer, “No,” with no follow up. Had a better journalist been asking the questions — like Tim Russert — he would have followed up the bland negation with probing questions about why she is yet again flip flopping on the issue.

The Drudge Report today highlights that a “senior adviser to the Hillary campaign” said, earlier today, that Blitzer “was outstanding, and did not gang up like Russert did in Philadelphia. He avoided personal attacks, remained professional and ran the best debate so far.” And Blitzer checked his journalistic instincts at the door.

The debate also had a pro-Hillary bias in the amount of time allocated to Bill Richardson — who had the third longest face time in the debate. Since Richardson is auditioning for Vice President on Hillary’s ticket, using his time to plead for unity among Democrats (i.e. don’t bash Hillary), giving him the mike was the same as giving it to Hillary. –Dick Morris on FOX.

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