Handsome Victory in Obama’s Grasp. Hillary’s Last Gasp.

Mick Gregory

The New Hampshire primary will sink the Hillary Clinton machine. The flop sweat is everywhere. Hillary talks to a group of less than 200 for three hours, while Sen. Barack Obama talks for 20 minutes to group after group of 3,500 to 4,000. It is beginning to look like a double-digit loss for Clinton.

She was supposed to come out swinging against Obama in New Hampshire, but her boring, slow talking, basic campaign style had not changed from Iowa. At one rally Clinton never mentioned Obama by name and criticized him only once (on healthcare) as “one of my opponents.” Former President Bill Clinton, campaigning separately, is sprightlier but no more effective.

In contrast, “Obamamania” has gone wild — creating enthusiasm not seen since the 1968 campaign of Bobby Kennedy. He attracts new voters and generates big, big crowds.

Let’s see what the Hillary machine says: “If she comes in second by double digits or less, it’s a victory for Hillary!”

How dumb do they think we are?


4 thoughts on “Handsome Victory in Obama’s Grasp. Hillary’s Last Gasp.

  1. But the Clinton-bitch won!!! How on earth did that happen since she has very little public support??? It makes no sense!? And why has Ron Paul’s grassroots’ support, as indicated by the large sum of $ he’s made, not translated into votes? Instead, Mormon McCain came out on top for GOP? A mormon!!!

    Your election has been hijacked! Time to wake up.

    Terry, you are brilliant. Doesn’t it stink to high heaven? Why can’t the Obama people figure this out? My guess is that they can’t expose how corrupt the Hillary machine is. It’s too dangerous. Plus, he may have to settle for Hilary’s VP.

  2. Terry is right. Something smells. The polls were accurate for the Republicans, but way off in the do or die race between Obama and Hillary.
    The truth will come out.

  3. Its fixed… I could tell when I watched her speech in N.H. She cant hide her lying eyes.

    The Clintons ha! Gimme a shot of demerol and some cleans sheets. this country is jacked.

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