The Indiana Democratic party and ACLU spent hundreds of thousands dollars in time and money to throw out voter IDs in Indiana. Why?

By Mick Gregory

The U.S. Supreme Court is hearing arguments that an Indiana law requiring voters to present photo identification imposes an “unconstitutional burden.”

Isn’t it ironic that the case is scheduled the same week the Clinton-backed East Coast Democrat machine may have stole the New Hampshire primary?

The court’s questioning during an hour-long oral argument seemed to fall along a left vs. middle divide. But the justice most often in recent years to play the decisive role — Anthony M. Kennedy — made it clear he did not share the challengers’ view of the burden that producing a photo ID imposes.

“You want us to invalidate a statute on the ground that it’s a minor inconvenience to a small percentage of voters?” Kennedy asked Washington lawyer Paul M. Smith, who argued the case on behalf of the Indiana Democratic Party, the American Civil Liberties Union.

Why isn’t this story a front page, above the fold story? The public should know that the Democrat party wants to make it easy for illegal immigrants, non citizens to vote in elections. We have to show IDs when we pay with a check or credit card.

What kind of stupid, milk toast sheeple do the Democrats think we are? This is about keeping voter fraud safe to elect Democrats. It’s similar to the way Democrats and the mafia in Chicago kept photos off of Illinois drivers licenses for decades longer than any other state. With photo voter IDs it is a lot harder for crooks to do business.

Are you starting to see? There really is a big difference between Democrats and Republicans.

33 thoughts on “The Indiana Democratic party and ACLU spent hundreds of thousands dollars in time and money to throw out voter IDs in Indiana. Why?

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  2. Hillary Clinton praises LBJ more for civil rights than Dr. Martin Luther King. Yes, with Democrats, LBJ was the better man. And African Americans had better get in line and apologize to the Clinton machine. They know what’s best for blacks.

    Less formally and shortly before, Obama also asked supporters not to further stoke the feud.

    The dispute has dragged in civil rights leaders in South Carolina, where Democrats hold their primary a week from Saturday.

    The most direct cause of the controversy was an interview Clinton gave to Major Garrett of Fox News in which she said in part: “Dr. King’s dream began to be realized when President Lyndon Johnson passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964.”

    Some black leaders have said they took that as diminishing King’s contribution to the nation’s progress on civil rights.

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  4. Mick:
    I am a firm believer in freedom of speech – but Mr. Op-Ed seems to think that the only way he can get his point across is to talk like the character in “Scarface”.
    Well, I am here because when I posted an excerpt of this article in my “Snippets” piece, Ken in Tennessee (Ken Renner, guest writer on occasion, and is the “Colmes” in my citizen journalistic life, as “Hannity”, but not as good looking) – has commented that what you wrote is false that in the history of the state of Indiana – no such thing happened. When you stop by – you can see my comment.
    Like, what I really want to say to that rebuttal is – “I’m from Missouri, show me.” 🙂
    I liked your piece, so I gave a peek for my readers.
    Ahh, a never ending battle, isn’t it?
    Best to ya …

  5. Mick:
    PS – How do you like my new avatar? 🙂

    Very good, Holmes! Your site is one of the best for showing the detestable agenda of major media and the Democrats.

  6. Hi fellas, and for the record I am a life long Hoosier and up until about 2001, I was a libtard, but now I’m recovering! 🙂 I can honestly say that over my 35+ years I have seen Democrats in this state vote Dead People, out of state people, and “made up and never existed people”.
    I can also say with absolute honesty that since a person can take a few pieces of mail to demonstate residency along with a birth certificate and SS card to the license branch and for $14 get an official State of Indiana photo ID.
    All they would have to do is send the precinct committee men/women vouchers from the state to waive the $14 fee, distribute them to voters who need to get the ID and voila… no “legal resident” will be denied his voting right! But of course it will be a little difficult for the dead guy or the illegal immigrant to make it to the license branch or produce the documentation that provers you were born in this country and you have resided in Indiana for at least 6 months (I believe that is requirement!)!!! THAT is why the Democrats consider it to be “infringing on the right to vote”… because probably about 2% of the absentee ballot voters reside in one of Indiana’s many cemetaries!!! And of course being a farming state, many reside in Mexico this time of year!!! I’ve seen it, I know what goes on in election years, I understood what this was about pretty quickly. Democrats here are corrupt to make up for the fact Indiana, almost always, goes Republican (Red).

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