The dog and squirrel killing Huckabee clan.

Is it OK with you that the Huckabees, father and son have a thing for killing dogs and small woodland creatures?

Ben Franklin loved squirrels and had them for pets. He found them quite intelligent and playful. He even sent one to his sister living in London.

I am not joking about Republican candidate Mike Huckabee claiming to have fried squirrel on a popcorn popper in college. He’s proud of it. And if you don’t believe me, Google it and check out what his son the Boy Scout did to a poor stray dog. He was charged for hanging, cutting the throat and stoning the dog who came up to him for some food and water.

I am a Republican-Libertarian and if Huckabee gets the Republican nomination, I will vote for Obama.

Here thanks to the liberals at Talking Points Memo is where you can find the video of Huckabee laughing about his manly killing and cooking of a squirrel.

13 thoughts on “The dog and squirrel killing Huckabee clan.

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  3. The squirrel and dog incidents are completely different. You cannot compare the actions or motives of killing a dog for the sake of killing versus killing a squirrel for food.

    I don’t like squirrel but it is officially game in most states.

    The dog thing, though, is troubling. But I’d already decided one Jimmy Carter was enough so Huckabee isn’t a contender in my book. Irregardless of the fried squirrels or hanged dog

  4. I know where you a coming from, but a squirrel is just a fun little woodland creature and the killing of the dog is a precurser to a mass murderer.

    Huckabee at best is another Jimmy Carter. In fact, I remember an incident when Carter was trying to kill a rabbit that was swimming near his boat.

  5. Huckabee’s son was working as a camp counsellor one summer when Huck was governer. The sicko son killed the dog at the camp! He was arrested and Huck went to the State’s attorney and managed to get the case thrown out. THAT is what I find disturbing. It would have done that punk some good to have done jail time and got into counselling. I don’t want a man who operates that way in the White House! (I own 3 dogs, and I like them all much better than most people I’ve met. Can you tell?)

  6. Yes. Dogs have been living with mankind sense the stone age. They actually teach empathy. Too bad Huckabee didn’t learn that fact.

    Yes, I will vote for Ron Paul if Huckabee or McCain are picked as the Republican candidate. You betcha!

  7. Good choice!

    As if his son killed a dog! What a sick piece of shit. He’d be lynched in the streets over here. I’d bet he’d cry into milk if you punched his head in.

    It gives us an insight into his upbringing though. If his son kills dogs then what’s his father going to do to your country?

    Viva Ron Paul!

  8. I am thinking of not voting at all since Fred withdrew, but yes Ron Paul at least tries to adhere to the constitution.

    Hey Mick, there’s a story here about a Afghan journalist who has been sentenced to death you will find interesting. I am trying to get the story out as they broke their own laws doing this to him. 🙂

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