Obama Leads in Delegates and Will Win More This Weekend

Mick Gregory

Did you read in your mainstream liberal media about Obama’s lead in delegates and was there much coverage of the likely wins he will make today?

Instead there is an MSNBC reporter suspended for daring to say that the Clinton machine pimped out Chelsea to call super delegates to have them switch from Obama to Hillary (what happened to free speech?).

What a tyrant. All you disgruntled Republicans should vote for Obama. Put Clinton Inc. out of business.

2 thoughts on “Obama Leads in Delegates and Will Win More This Weekend

  1. This from guntotingliberal.com

    Frankly, that was more of an optimistic headline than the current fact — I would sincerely HOPE all bloggers, free speakers, liberty lovers and activists of all stripes would stop and THINK about the Clintons’ reaction to NBC’s David Shuster’s rather opinionated (and offensive to some) recent remark regarding their daughter, Chelsea. Unfortunately, I’m afraid it’s not going to be sinking in with the general public; the FACT that our civil liberties and Constitutionally “re-iterated”, Creator-granted 1st Amendment civil right to speak one’s mind are in grave danger under a Clinton or McCain presidency.

  2. BATON ROUGE, LA — The Obama campaign submitted an urgent request for assistance to the Secretary of State’s Division of Elections today, after receiving widespread reports from Democrats across Louisiana who reported that they were not allowed to vote because their party affiliation had been switched. Hundreds of Louisiana democrats went to the polls to vote in today’s presidential primary and found that they were now on registration lists as Independent or Unaffiliated voters.

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