The Vampierus Lives! Obama Splits Texas. The Best Little Caucus in Texas.

How many pantsuits does Hillary have in her wardrobe? The cases of extra pantsuits must add up to the amount of trunks in the Barnum and Bailey Circus. What is Hilary’s carbon footprint on her travels and luggage the past six months? Let’s start at least start a pantsuit count. I haven’t seen her wear the same ugly, ’70s pantsuit twice. I start the count at 61, her age.

Hillary Pantsuit Count: Day 61

Mick Gregory

I voted for Obama tonight and helped pick delegates. In our voting district Obama won 7 delegates to Hillary’s 4. Knowing Hillary’s instructions, “take control of the secretary position…” I nominated a nice young woman named CJ, who had an Obama badge on her coat and was sitting at an Obama table at the middle school library.

I also talked a neighbor into being a delegate. The people spoke. We shut down the Clinton machine in our neighborhood anyway.

After all the hype and fawning over the pantsuited presidential candidate, Obama actually won more delegates in Texas. Did you read anything about that in the New York Times, Houston Chronicle or Dallas Morning News?

This was far down a story in today’s WSJ.
On Tuesday, Sen. Clinton won primaries in Texas, Ohio and Rhode Island, while Sen. Obama took Vermont and Texas’s separate caucuses. The Associated Press said Sen. Clinton won at least 185 delegates to Sen. Obama’s 173, for a net gain of just 12 delegates — a total that will shrink as remaining delegates are allocated. Obama campaign manager David Plouffe predicted Sen. Clinton would net between four and 10 delegates, fewer “than we netted out of the state of Idaho.”

The Obama campaign said Sen. Obama emerged from Texas’s unique primary-and-caucus system with at least five more delegates than Sen. Clinton, even though she won the popular vote. That anomaly reflects the party’s rules for allocating delegates proportionate to the candidates’ votes in certain districts.

The fact that Tuesday’s four-state, 370-delegate sweepstakes effectively yielded a draw underscored how difficult it will be for Sen. Clinton to catch Sen. Obama with just over 600 more pledged delegates to be won. That’s why the biggest remaining contest is for superdelegates — or automatic delegates, as the Clinton camp calls them.

10 thoughts on “The Vampierus Lives! Obama Splits Texas. The Best Little Caucus in Texas.

  1. I read that Hillary wants a dream ticket. Yeah, with Obama under her, in his place as vice president. Whoopee! That’s the way the Democrat party of super “white” delegates works. Keep the blacks in their place.

    How many blacks are there among the Democrat super delegates?

  2. Hillary Pansuit Count: Day 61

    How many of those ugly ’80s pantsuits are their in her closet? What is the estimated retail cost?
    The count begins here. Send photos. This story has been hidden by the media.

    Hillary is the Emelda Marcos of pantsuits.

  3. Good article. You are the first I’ve found on the internet to point out that obama actually moved himself closer to the nomination on the simple fact that out of 370 delegates she only managed to pick up somewhere around 10 on obamas 150-some odd pledged delegate lead from her “Big wins”. with only 600 or so pledged delegates left to divvy out… even if she “wins big” like she did on march 4 for the rest of the way… The FACT of this primary election is that from here on out… any victory of less than about 15%(that’s a conservative estimate.. the “must-win-by-to-catch-obama” number is probably closer to 20% now.) is actually a loss for clinton.. and every time she fails to hit that margin, it grows larger for the following contests. I haven’t crunched the numbers but it doesn’t take a math genius to figure out that Hillary is actually WORSE off after march 4th than she was before it, as she was unable to produce the margins she would need to catch up. Thus growing the margin she must win what few future states remain to vote.

  4. The election process, what a joke!
    Super Bull is what it is.
    The electoral college? I can’t understand why the vote of the people doesn’t mean a damn thing!
    Oh yeah, this is a fascist nation!
    By the rich,
    of the rich,
    for the rich.
    Ein volk
    Ein Riech
    Ein Fuhrer!
    What a waste! I’m outta here!
    Have a Nice Day!

    I don’t mind the rich who earned it in private enterprise. How about the rich politicians like the Clintons who always earned their pay off the taxpayers and political machine?

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  6. I know I heard this, Hillary was to win Ohio and Texas big, by 10 percent or more. Instead, she won Ohio by a hair and LOST TEXAS in delegate count. Hillary has lost. Obama just won in Wyoming and is about to take Mississippi.

    This is a constitutional crisis. Hillary is about to steal the vote from Obama.

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