Spitzer is (was) one of Hillary’s super delegates – Ashley Alexandra Dupre was the call girl who did it

Let’s take a look at the faces behind Hillary’s super delegates. Elliot Spitzer, the governor of New York who spent over $5,000 for one hour with a prostitute. Here is the Ashley Alexandra Dupre blog on MySpace: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=69041220
Barbara Boxer, another super delegate for Hillary. She has pushed for no charges for her friend and campaign worker Bernie Ward, the liberal talk show host from San Francisco.

What about Larry Flynt’s story on Hillary’s lesbian affairs? That is the next shoe to drop.

Maybe not. It’s just old hags who support Hillary now. Having the beautiful Huma Abediin scores points for Hillary.

The race baiting, white hating Obama backers will never vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton. Even though she can imitate a Southern black drawl.

8 thoughts on “Spitzer is (was) one of Hillary’s super delegates – Ashley Alexandra Dupre was the call girl who did it

  1. Could we have other names to come? I hope so!
    He needs to step down like a real man would do, don’t drag it out like Bill Clinton did!

  2. The New York Times DealBook reports:
    Wall Street on Spitzer: ‘There Is a God’

    Wall Street was awash with schadenfreude on Monday, as many financial types took pleasure in seeing a scandal rise up over New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer, who was linked to a prostitution ring.

    During his years as the state’s attorney general, Mr. Spitzer had fiercely sought to punish investment banks, insurance companies, research analysts and the New York Stock Exchange for a litany of perceived sins, assuming the mantle of “Mr. Clean.”

    On CNBC on Monday, markets reporter Bob Pisani quoted an unnamed trader’s reaction, which spoke for the vast majority on the Street. “There is a God,” the trader reportedly said.

    Kenneth D. Langone, a former director of the New York Stock Exchange and a target of one of Mr. Spitzer’s lawsuits, had this to say to The Wall Street Journal: “He actually believes he’s above the law. I have never had any doubt about his lack of character and integrity — and he’s proven me correct.”

  3. Why did Spitzer have to resign? It’s only about sex? And money to the tune of $100,000. And about Hillary Clinton’s super delegates who are going to throw out Obama at the Democrat convention.

  4. Hillary has wiped out her ill gotten gains on this election. She is in it to the bitter end. Yes, she will have her corrupt old Democrat racists take the nomination from Obama behind closed doors. Like the KKK behind sheets.

  5. I have read many of the entries on your site, and you are right that the Democrats are hopelessly corrupt, and so is the media, but SO ARE THE REPUBLICANS! The whole dem-republican paradigm is false, they are all controlled by lobbyists, and corporate and special interest groups. I talk about the Spitzer mess on my bog, http://eaglesbest.blogspot.com/2008/03/elliot-spitzer-cretin-or-troubled-hero.html, and I have been talking about executive corruption. I do need to start talking about the democrats and their corruption – Hillary the tyrant, Obama the shill, etc. Just to be clear, I believe Hillary is just a big a tyrant, if not bigger, than Bush.

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