Tent cities spring up around LA — A California city goes bankrupt, can’t pay its outrageous union employee salaries

Mick Gregory

This is the current state of California. But you haven’t read about it in the LA Times or SF Chronicle. It’s being reported by the BBC and YouTube and by citizen journalists.

I’m not surprised the elitist mainstream newspapers are not reporting that 500 homes a day are foreclosed on in California now. But when will they?

“Tent cities have sprung up outside Los Angeles as people lose their homes in the mortgage crisis.”
Granted, the climate is nice and these tent cities are nothing new.

Now this: Vallejo, a suburban city outside of San Francisco faces a $16 million deficit in the 2008-2009 budget starting July 1 and unsuccessfully negotiated with its government employees including electrical workers unions for contract concessions through 2012. Public safety salaries comprise 74 percent of the city’s general fund budget.

John Riley, president of the International Association of Firefighters, said he is disappointed by the 7-0 vote to file bankruptcy. Any ideas Mr. Riley? How about you get the average benefits that the taxpayers of your community get? Not full-pay after 20 years of service and free medical for life.

Ask your average newspaper reporter if their benefits come close to that.

There will be no bail out for the “free” press, but I’d bet that there will be for these city service union employees. Just raise taxes.

4 thoughts on “Tent cities spring up around LA — A California city goes bankrupt, can’t pay its outrageous union employee salaries

  1. That’s sad about those losing their homes in California. It’s a sure thing the libs, should they gain the White House, won’t have a solution. Love your Thomas Jefferson quote too.

  2. Interesting that this is not covered in depth. Help is not likely to come from Congress any time soon if at all. They have taken no steps to act on any of the recommendations recently made by the US Treasury department. Palosi is strangely silent while this has gone down on her watch.

  3. My friend Nuke pinged me with a story by a scientist who delivers a good story on the coming Ice Age.
    Now I read this: Near-record snowfall and low spring temperatures are creating ideal conditions at Brundage Mountain Resort. Resort officials announced today that they will be open for a third bonus weekend in May.

    The resort is currently closed on weekdays, and had planned this Saturday and Sunday to be the final ski weekend of the season, but that was before 10 inches of fresh powder fell this week. Now, resort managers have decided to be open on May 3rd and 4th.

    “Mother Nature has been extremely kind to us this year,” said resort spokesperson April Russell. “And our loyal visitors have shown that they are still interested in skiing and riding on the best snow in Idaho.”

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