The pantsuit parade comes to an end, but Hillary Rodham Clinton doesn’t know it yet

Mick Gregory

Turn off the lights, the party’s over for Hillary. Time for her to pack up her thousands of smelly pantsuits and go back to — wherever it is she’s pretending to be a resident (South Dakota, Bend, Oregon) …with the swollen, purple-faced scum bag in-chief, Billy Jeff. Wouldn’t it be smart for her to divorce him this week? Now that might get her some votes. But lose her superdelegates.

Anyway, time to pack up several semi-trailers.

Come to think of it, she would probably have the Secret Service agents pack up her things. Hillary doesn’t have to do any little people tasks.

She is sounding very shrill lately, a lot like Phillis Diller. She should borrow some of her jokes about her ex-husband, Fang, and turn them into Bill jokes.

Did a news organization ever try and do an inventory of all those pantsuits she wore during the 1.5-year campaign? It should be recorded on video for the Smithsonian.

Here’s a concept: the superdelegates don’t have to wait for marching orders from Hillary anymore. It’s over. Start to announce this week and get ready for the real campaign.

Barack Obama erased Hillary Rodham Clinton’s lock with superdelegates on Friday and won a coveted labor endorsement as elements of the Democratic Party began coalescing around the Illinois senator for the fall campaign.

Obama picked up the backing of nine superdelegates, including Rep. Donald Payne of New Jersey, a member of the Congressional Black Caucus who had been a Clinton supporter.

In addition, the American Federation of Government Employees announced its support for Obama. The union claims about 600,000 members who work in the federal and Washington, D.C., governments.

This is amazing, Halliburton has a total 50,000 employees world-wide and they are engineers doing real work.

Obama, who won a convincing victory in the North Carolina primary and lost Indiana narrowly on Tuesday, has been steadily gaining strength in the days since.

7 thoughts on “The pantsuit parade comes to an end, but Hillary Rodham Clinton doesn’t know it yet

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  2. This is fantastic. I’ll bet the royal Rodham Clinton owns more pantsuits that Imelda Marcos owns shoes. Maybe she can auction them off to her supporters, all the old 60-70 year-old hags who have been her followers. She does reach more uneducated whites than Obama, too. But they couldn’t afford her old smelly pantsuits. What a pathetic loser Hillary has become.

  3. LOL! Look how undemocratic the Democrat party is… they have superdelegates with more voting rights that citizens and some are asking for payoffs. Most are “holding back” waiting for the go ahead to switch their powerful vote to Obama.

    Go McCain!

  4. Thousands of smell pantsuits. Hillary should start selling them on EBay to make her money back wasted on her campaign.

  5. I’ve got an idea: Hillary can have all her pantsuits sewn together for a huge monument to her brave campaign. It could be on display at large fair grounds in the states that she won. That would be an impressive quilt.

  6. The clip being played of her on the phone, where she squirms to say the word “white” as in white voters, is perhaps the slimyest thing I’ve ever heard.
    This last gap effort is quite amazing.

    Oh wait, she’s a Clinton.

    Soon she’ll be walking around her house in her favorite pants suit. The one like Chairman Mao wore.

    I pity the people around her then.
    Not Bill, he won’t be there. They finally will have no use for each other.

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