Terrorists hit the U.S. — Mass media helps the coverup

A rocket shot past a commercial jet north of Houston last week. The pilots reported it. What became of the news? Speculation that it was “a homemade toy rocket.” How high can those suckers go, 30,000 feet? It was really only 20,000 feet. OK, that explains it. No other press releases issued. No more mass media coverage.

Universal Studios production lots destroyed by fire.

South Florida engulfed by the worst wildfires in half a century.

Hugo Chavez in negotiations with Iran and North Korea.

Obama wants to talk with Chavez. Isn’t that friendly?

Chavez initiates Stalin-styled spy program where citizens get bonus points for turning in their neighbors. (Isn’t that like the Democrat Party? Remember when they paid for Newt Gingrich tapes illegally recorded by Democrat activists in Florida?)

Venezuela not producing oil. The Chavez government has been shutting down production to raise the price of oil. Now Venezuela has to import gasoline!

6 thoughts on “Terrorists hit the U.S. — Mass media helps the coverup

  1. If a rocket did shoot past then it doesn’t automatically mean that it’s a terrorist attack. Bit of irrational reasoning going on there.

    Things not going your way these days? Why not drop your right-wing perspective, it’s an empty jar, and join the Revolution? Yankee capitalism is dead – why tend the corpse?

  2. I may have to join the revolution, just like the people of Venezuela, my friend.

    You have to look around, conservatives are winning everywhere: France, Italy, London, Poland, Germany, The Netherlands, Canada… the list is breathtaking. Soon, the UK will drop the Labour Party! Haah!

  3. At least we don’t have to bow to the Pantsuit Messiah! People are shredding the pantsuits now. It’s like the Berlin Wall coming down! There are socialist slogans spray painted on swaths of her garish pantsuits. People are partying in the streets!

    Ding dong the witch is (politically) dead!

  4. Good to hear from you, Mick. It’s been a busy year and time has flown by. Lady luck has finally turned in my favour. How are things with you?

    Yep, the UK will drop the Labour Party (thank fuck) but they don’t represent the left. The majority of ‘old’ labour have broken away from New Labour and formed their own coaliton closer to the trade union roots of the old labour party. But, Britain is royally fucked – rising unemployment, knife crime, youth violence, alcohol problems, deintellectualisation, overcrowding, recession, greed and apathy.

    I’m out of here very soon, off to make a better life with our Arab friends in Dubai. I can see this little island turning into the future 3rd world. Our time is over, China and India will surpass us at every level very soon. It’s never a good idea to sat aboard a sinking ship; it’s an even worse idea to stay aboard and actually think the ship won’t sink.

    True about the pantsuit messiah, but the Clinton Beast is hardly a socialist, more of a centrist like Blair and New Labour.

    Finally, the left is quite active in Britain, the problem being that we are fragmented, but my generation is rejuvenating those bonds. It’s not about left or right anyway, it’s about saving our people, saving our culture and ultimately saving our planet.

  5. Obama tried to call Hillary twice last night following his speech – but got her voicemail.

    When the phone rings at 3:00 a.m., that’s what we would have gotten from Mrs. Clinton. Her answering machine with Bill Clinton’s voice.

    But I agree with you. This is not over yet.

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